Profit from the educational technology explosion

One of the big success stories of the late 20th and early 21st centuries is the tremendous decline in global poverty. Of course, there are still many people who are dirt-poor. In absolute terms, the numbers of destitute people has…

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These “Hidden Gems” could boost your tech investment portfolio

Today, we’re bringing you a new style of SciTech Bulletin. It’s called Hidden Gems. It’s a summary of key tech investments stories, which got less coverage in mainstream media. Just because a story isn’t widely reported doesn’t mean that it’s…

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The California “Green Rush”

Hands up if you’re sick of the US election race yet? Me too. So I guess it’s good news that today’s Exponential Investor has virtually nothing to do with the election whatsoever. With the national election, anyway. But as you…

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Britain’s energy landscape just flipped to nuclear

Last week, everything changed: Hinkley Point nuclear power station got approval. We’ve been keenly watching the energy story in Exponential Investor for quite some time, so it’s only fair to give this hugely-important issue its own article. For an individual…

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Brain upgrades and laser death rays

Behold! It’s SciTech Bulletin! The most magical, spectacular, investable science and technology stories from the past week – shrink-wrapped and delivered for your convenience. Man gets a brain upgrade For the first time, a patient has had stem cells injected…

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Air pollution – how to play it

Recently in Exponential Investor, we looked at the issue of air pollution. We explored the basic science, and found that it’s responsible for a huge death toll – even in the developed world. Looking at the economics, we saw that…

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Air pollution is now a critical investment issue

Air pollution is severely disrupting portfolios, across a wide range of industries. Today we’ll look at who’s affected, and why. The clampdown on toxic air is such an important phenomenon that I think it probably qualifies as a “Megatrend”. That’s…

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Future of Britain? Look at Japan

Robots are barely even news anymore. In the same way that a story about a suicide bombing in Iraq doesn’t shock you like it used to, the news that robots are taking our jobs is all a bit passé by…

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Can roads be digital?

Today, we’re going to be looking at the future of road transport – and not in the way you might think. Our concern on this occasion isn’t to work out whether we’ll be in a coach, taxi or car, nor…

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Tiny step for Nasa is a giant leap for asteroid miners

We’ve read countless pieces of PR fluff, dull churnalism, and general nonsense. Buried in that haystack, we’ve found the following needles for you: Stupid tech giant of the week award This week, the prize goes to Warner Brothers – for…

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