Andrew Lockley

The rise of the blockchain continues

Bitcoin, Ethereum, in fact any cryptocurrency – they’re all just the tip of the iceberg. The really interesting part is the technology behind them – the blockchain. Which is why over the past month or so we’ve been delving into…

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A whistle stop tour of the robotic world

Robots have a long tradition in science fiction. The 18th-century chess-playing Mechanical Turk was perhaps the earliest example (I’ll class it as science fiction, as it certainly wasn’t a real robot). Throughout the 20th century, classics such as The Forbidden…

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The metals of the future

We’re breaking new ground. So far, we’ve focused the vast majority of our time looking at the technology likely to change the world in the coming years. We’re going to change tack slightly and look at the building blocks of…

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Everything you know about the grid is wrong (by a trillion dollars)

Let’s talk energy. In the short time we’ve been publishing Exponential Investor, energy has been one of our most consistently popular topics. One reason for that is there have been some huge technological advances in recent years which threaten to…

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Property and the blockchain breakthrough

Recently, Nick O’Connor shared two pieces with you about blockchain – what it is, why it’s going to be so big and how you can start thinking about investing in it. (If you missed those pieces, you can catch up here…

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Blowing your cash on compressed air

The age of renewables is coming. Solar prices are falling exponentially and there’s no limit to supply. Naturally, you’ll want to profit from the revolution – but those getting rich in the gold rush may not be those panning for…

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Storing sparks – how batteries will change electricity forever

Power has a problem – a very big problem. As we’re moving from the fossils age to a world of low-carbon electricity, the whole way we handle electricity needs to change. In fact, it has to change. And there’s evidence…

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