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Frontiers of biotech 2

Today, we’re continuing our Hidden Gems two-parter (you can read part-one here if you missed it yesterday). Using examples from recent breakthroughs, we’re zeroing in on the key trends dominating biotech research. These are the breakthroughs that will be transforming…

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Frontiers of biotech

Today and tomorrow, it’s time for a Hidden Gems double feature. We’re taking a look at some of the most important biotech stories from the last few weeks. However, instead of breathlessly reporting breaking news, our aim is to show…

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How machines “see”

You take it for granted that you can build an accurate mental model of the world around you. Your coffee cup is within arm’s reach. Your TV is a bit further away. The people passing in the street outside are…

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Last gasp for diesel

Well, it seems to be “smug week” at SciTech Bulletin – as many of the stories dominating the news this week have previously been predicted in Exponential Investor. It’s plain to see: we cover the news – before it happens!…

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The monsters inside you

Previously in Exponential Investor, we’ve looked at the role of your natural bacteria on your health. We saw how nurturing our existing “good bacteria”, or adding new ones, can potentially help with everything from obesity to autism. But what of…

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The next medical breakthrough is already living inside you

The things that live inside our bodies are going to be one of the biggest revolutions in 21st century healthcare. Collectively, they’re called the “microbiome”. We’ve known about the role of “friendly” gut bugs since the start of modern bacteriology….

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Could you partner with a “Rain Man”?

You might remember the 1988 film Rain Man, about a profoundly autistic man (played by Dustin Hoffman). His savant abilities enable him to beat Las Vegas casinos at blackjack, making his formerly-estranged brother a fortune. What if you could do…

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“I’m not racist but…”

It’s Monday. It’s SciTech Bulletin. It’s what you need to know. This week, it’s not about clever innovations – it’s about the utterly stupid decisions made by those who have enormous power over our technological lives. “I’m not racist but…”…

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A week in tech

What’s it like to work in the UK tech industry? I thought it would be interesting to step you through a week in my life, so you can experience a snapshot of a career spent helping build the future we’re…

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Cash is not the only thing you can invest

When I take the train into London, I am often asked for money by homeless people at the station. They’re in an unfortunate position, and I want to be able to help them. But if I give them my cash,…

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