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Exponential Investor is an investment publication from Southbank Investment Research. The content is free, and investors can access it either by visiting our website (, or by subscribing to our daily newsletter.

Our mission is to arm you with the insights and ideas you need to help make better, more profitable investment decisions. We do this every single weekday 100% free of charge.

We cover some of the most exciting investment ideas and themes you’ll find in the market. Areas like the green energy transition, cryptocurrency, UK small cap and AIM-listed opportunities and breakthrough technologies, are just a few of the things we write about.

What we don’t do is regurgitate mainstream news. There are plenty of places to find that, just not here. We’re here to break through the noise, tell you what’s really going on and take a more contrarian view of how you can become a better and potentially more profitable investor.

Southbank Investment Research has with a diverse stable of editors and researchers, each of them bringing a different set of skills, viewpoints and big investment ideas to the table.

We have no “house view” which means our editors are free to publish whatever investment idea they like – so long as it’s interesting, exciting, and most importantly investible for all investors no matter what level of understanding they have. Here you will predominately find articles from Sam Volkering and Kit Winder, but from time to time other articles from our premium selection of investment experts.

Exponential Investor is published bySouthbank Investment Research. Along with our free newsletter of geopolitical and financial analysis, Fortune & FreedomSouthbank Investment Research publishes several premium newsletters, where our experts and insiders give specific advice to investors, as well as books from its authors.

Exponential Investor publishes the sort of investment analysis and ideas that you simply don’t find anywhere else because it’s too edgy or challenging for the mainstream to handle. We’re not here to sell advertising space, we’re here to make you a better investor, opening your eyes to the real opportunities and big investment ideas the mainstream are too afraid to cover. If you want access to the sharpest financial minds and biggest investment ideas in the UK, then sign up and get Exponential Investor in your inbox every weekday 100% free of charge.

Exponential Investor subscribers are also the first to hear about the special offers that we provide for Southbank Investment Research content, before anyone else.

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  4. We encourage you to read and respond to our work. At the end of each article is a link inviting you to give feedback and to get in touch. You can send your comments and thoughts directly to the editors who will directly respond to you.
  5. Occasionally we will send you special opportunities from Southbank Investment Research, in the form of videos and reports. Sales from these products allow us to publish Exponential Investor for free – and is why you don’t see any third-party advertising on our site. But you are never under any obligation to buy anything.
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It is completely free to sign up for our daily newsletter, which will be delivered to your email inbox each morning.

Occasionally we’ll send you a promotion for one of our premium advisory services which will come via the way of a special report of video presentation. Our business is built on the people that pay for access to our advisory services. That allows us to be independent, to publish Exponential Investor and our other free e-letters, and not bombard you with annoying third-party ads plastered all over our sites.

Our business model means if no one likes what we do, if no one subscribes to our services, then we wouldn’t survive. Thankfully, as you’ll find from our testimonials section, our work is some of the most forthright and appreciated investment services you’ll find in the UK.

You can find out more about our premium advisory services by heading to our website,

Our expert editors at Exponential Investor also manage their own trading or advisory service for Southbank Investment Research – premium services that allow them to provide high-end investment analysis and advice in their area of expertise.

They recommend investments, maintain buy-lists, provide their subscribers with commentaries and investment “alerts” that contain specific buy and sell recommendations for some of the most exciting investments you’ll find in the world.

If you find that you really enjoy the commentaries, analysis or recommendations of our editors Sam Volkering and Kit Winder, amongst others, then you may find you’ll also want to take that next step in the relationship by subscribing to their advisory services, getting the full detail and investment recommendations around their biggest and best investment ideas.

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Southbank Investment Research features a number of successful financial experts who have significant experience as investors and research professionals. Our research stems from decades of first-rate, hands-on experience. Southbank Investment Research’s editors roster consists of bestselling financial authors and financial advisers, renowned economists, successful entrepreneurs, veteran fund managers and hugely successful trading coaches.

However, Southbank Investment Research does not provide personal investment advice, brokerage services or manage anyone’s money. We’re an advisory service designed to provide our subscribers with the finest quality investment recommendations and analysis to empower you to take control of your finances and to make your own, independent financial decisions. You should contact your broker or investment adviser before making any financial decision based on the information provided to all subscribers.

Any investment contains an element of risk. There are some risks that an investor can control, and others they can only guard against. General economic factors, inflation, market value fluctuations and geopolitical risks are just some of the risks that all investments face.

It is important to make well-judged investments based on thorough research in order to minimise your risk. That means understanding key concepts around your risk/reward thresholds, how much capital risk you’re prepared to take and whether your investments fall in line with your financial plans and strategies.

If you’re at all unsure about risks or how to manage them for your personal portfolio, you should speak directly with a financial adviser to understand your own personal financial situation and risk tolerances.

Exponential Investor or any of the e-letters or advisory services Southbank Investment Research publishes are not scams. Some people get nervous when it comes to investing their money, which is understandable. Also there are a lot of scams in the investment world that you need to be cautious of. However, it’s important that you get your information and analysis from a trusted source, that has appropriate oversight from regulatory bodies.

Southbank Investment Research is licensed and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and as such you can trust that we are a reliable, reputable and regulated source of information when it comes to your investing journey. We also take great pride in helping our subscribers identify real scams in the investing world and have helped many investors over time avoid costly mistakes in falling for some of the more sophisticated scams that are out there.

You can reach us by phone at 0203 966 4580.

A customer service representative can help with any questions you have about Exponential Investor and Southbank Investment Research. You may also contact us using the Contact Us link on our website.