Hello, and a very warm welcome to Exponential Investor!

My name is Paolo Cabrelli. I’m the publisher of Exponential Investor. I’d like to explain why I believe reading our work every day will make you a sharper, better informed and more successful investor.

First off, let me ask you a question. Are you:

  • Interested in investing in new technologies before they change the world?
  • Prepared to take a little extra risk with your some of your capital to back companies that could make a fortune?
  • Open to discovering new ways of approaching investing and trading and growing your wealth?

If your answer to any one of those questions was yes – and I sincerely hope it was – then I think you’re going to love Exponential Investor.

Because that’s our entire focus here. So much of the financial world is dedicated to helping you protect your wealth and defend against risks – to understand where interest rates will go next, what threat the national debt poses and the like. And rightly so. That’s important stuff.

But it completely ignores the other side of the story: that no matter how bad things might seem, the right combination of technology, people and capital can overcome any grand challenge and make the world a better place to live in.

Peter Diamandis’ best-selling book Abundance: The future is better than you think hit this idea right on the head: The twentieth century, for example, witnessed both incredible advancement and unspeakable tragedy. The 1918 influenza epidemic killed fifty million people, World War II killed another sixty million. There were tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, floods, even plagues of locust. Despite such unrest, this period also saw infant mortality decrease by 90%, maternal mortality decrease by 99% and, overall, human lifespan to increase by more than 100%.

Anticipating, understanding and investing in these technologies is the #1 way of improving your life and increasing your wealth.

Helping you do this is our sole aim at Exponential Investor.

That’s why I’ve spent the last year working on this project. I’ve travelled all over the world seeking out the most interesting and experienced technology, small-cap and trading experts. You’ll meet many of them in the coming weeks.

See, if there’s one thing you need as an investor, it’s an edge. You need an advantage. You need the valuable insights that will help you make better and more successful investment decisions. And that’s what we hope to give you.

There are three specific advantages reading Exponential Investor will give you, each of which is designed to help you make better, more informed decisions to help you grow your money.

Edge no.1: Higher quality information

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that the quality of your investment returns is directly related to the quality of information and insight you have access to.

I’ve also found that only the insight, expertise and ideas you find outside what 99% of investors are looking at help deliver you the biggest returns.

That doesn’t mean insider information. But we can share expert insights from investors and analysts that you won’t find anywhere else.

For instance, in the coming week I’m going to share an exclusive interview with a New York Times best-selling author and technology expert… as well as with the CEO of a company operating right on the frontier of the technology industry (in fact, his business was named alongside Apple and Google as one of MIT’s “50 Smartest Tech Firms of 2015”).

You won’t find either of these interviews published anywhere else. They’re exclusive to Exponential Investor. And they’re just the start.

Edge no.2: Superior analysis

In the age of the internet, most financial data isn’t private.

It’s easily available and accessible to anyone who’s interested. Anyone can find the price of an Apple share or the cashflow of a business, if they want.

What people do with that data – the analysis and study of it – isn’t available. And quality analysis is in short supply. We’ll share our own proprietary analysis and investigation, plus the signals and indicators we’ve developed in house.

For example, later in the week you’ll hear from Eoin Treacy – one of the experts I’ve recruited to be a part of this project. Eoin lives and works in California.

Eoin’s an established strategist, trader, lecturer and author. He’s known and respected around the world as an expert on technology, trading and commodities. And later in the week, he’ll be talking you through exactly how he goes about picking technology shares that are likely to shoot up in value. This is proprietary analysis. It’s not available anywhere else.

Edge no.3: Valuable and unique perspective

I’ll let you in on a secret about the financial world.

Most publications, media outlets or City institutions shoot themselves in the foot by restricting what they cover.

Either they only cover the ‘biggest’ stories, the most popular and widely traded shares, or the crowded opportunities everyone knows about.

Or they just stick to the safety of the herd and cover what everyone else is covering. Google Fed interest rates and you’ll find 65 million results. You get the picture.

Exponential Investor has none of those restrictions.

We have the freedom to look at any trend, asset or opportunity we like. We can consider and share ideas more mainstream financial institutions would consider unlikely to come off. We can look at stocks that are too small for large brokers to research or recommend.

In short, we can venture outside of the mainstream and shine a light on ideas no one else is focusing on. Nine out of ten of these may never come to fruition. The one that does will make a fortune.

This is our mission. It’s why we’ll write to you, free of charge, every day at 9am.

And when I say free I mean it. All you need to receive Exponential Investor is an email address. Just click the yellow box at the top right corner of this page to join us and receive complimentary copies of our latest free report.


Paolo Cabrelli

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