Time to take bitcoin seriously

I should have seen the signs… First, one of our tech analysts – Sam Volkering – wrote to me late one night, a couple of months ago. “You need to start taking cryptocurrencies seriously. They’re reaching the boiling point. Get…

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The era of robotic pets is here

There are hundreds of millions of pets around the world. Pet owners typically tend to exercise more – and enjoy lower stress and better mental health. However, animals require expensive food and veterinary care. Additionally, accommodation rules, and commuter lifestyles,…

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23andMe, and you

The US Food and Drug Administration recently gave 23andMe the green light to restart its consumer health genetic testing service. It’s “chocks away” for personal genomics’ next flight – and a good time to take a look at how this…

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How to pick a winning team

Last week, I spoke on investing in crowdfunding, at our “Tech Symposium”. I was looking forward to giving my talk. However, my expectations for the rest of the day weren’t high – as I’m no fan of watching keynotes. But…

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Turning hot air into hard cash

You might think of heat as something you’d like to keep hold of. After all, that’s why you insulate your house. But in many other settings, we’re only too keen to reject heat. Air conditioning, cooling towers and refrigerators all…

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How “backdoor stocks” gave warren buffett his big break in investing

Pity Warren Buffett… He has billions in the bank. World leaders flying to Nebraska to ask him for advice. And his live comedy show fills a stadium. But he misses the old days. Before he was the sage of omaha and the world’s…

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Going to the ends of the Earth for phosphate

Today, we’re focusing on commodities again – because they’re an essential investment story. But, before you read the article, please do check out our special commodities report. It won’t be appearing in Exponential Investor – so you’ll have to read…

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Introducing: our daily market “insiders alert”

Today… an exciting announcement about Exponential Investor… As you’ll know as a regular reader, our beat here is helping you understand and anticipate the biggest tech trends in the world, completely free of charge every day. I think we do…

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Uber’s transport vision is not the only one…

Unless you’ve had your head wedged firmly in some sand, you’ll have noticed that Uber is having a tumultuous year. It’s had to deal with persistent allegations of sexual harassment; and accusations of contempt for law enforcement. Various senior staff…

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Not boring, but possibly stupid

It’s a dangerous game disagreeing with Elon Musk. As regular readers of Exponential Investor will know, we’re big fans of his diverse and innovative projects. Musk’s The Boring Company is literally a groundbreaking business: he’s getting into the tunnelling game….

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