It’s 1933 (all over again)

“I think this would be a good time for a beer.” So said US president Franklin Roosevelt in 1933, as prohibition in the US ended at last. The country had been “dry” for 13 years. The re-legalisation brought about major…

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Truck off! – The verdict

Yesterday, we explained how there’s a coming contest in the crucial world of lorries. On the one hand is Tesla, with its disruptive-but-familiar batteries. On the other is Nikola Motor, a smaller firm, which sees a future in hydrogen. Today,…

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Truck off!

Trucks provide us with almost everything we consume. They’re used at every stage of the production process – from the mine or farm, through the supply chain, and finally delivering to retailers. Haulage is a huge industry. Scania, DAF, Mercedes…

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Can this man kill bitcoin?

Bitcoin has certainly made waves. Furthermore, its underlying blockchain technology appears to have widespread promise. However, it’s far from clear whether bitcoin has much of a future as a replacement for normal “fiat” currency. Today, we’ll be hearing from Dan…

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The helium crunch?

You might be more familiar with helium from party balloons. How we laugh when it makes our voices go all squeaky! But you won’t be laughing if it runs out… We’ve previously looked at the “flying bum” – more properly…

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Snapchat – the Definitive Answer

Yesterday, I gave you a ton of useful information about the forthcoming Snapchat initial public offering (IPO). But, in conclusion, I admitted that I didn’t actually have a clue about the stock. I’ve been burned too badly in the past,…

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Snapchat – should you invest?

You can’t possibly ignore Snapchat. It’s one of the biggest tech IPOs since Facebook. This is a notoriously difficult kind of business to judge. It relies, to a large extent, on fad and fashion – as well as more predictable…

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Magical new advertising technology is coming

Outdoor advertising has changed a lot, in recent years. Some old-style billboards are still there, but many have been replaced by LED walls. The look of modern advertising is therefore very different, but the core concept hasn’t changed much –…

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Your feedback: on defence, energy and climate

NB: Just before I hand you over to Andrew today, there is something I think you’ll want to see. We have arranged a special webinar event this Wednesday at 7pm, where tech expert Sam Volkering will reveal four ways you…

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An “epochal disruption” that could make you ten times your money

On the table for you today is an opportunity. A big one. Whether you take it depends on what kind of person you are deep down. Here’s the story in short: Right now, a group of technology companies are challenging…

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