The world’s most valuable commodity revealed

What’s the world’s most valuable commodity? That’s a loaded question. Depending on how you’re invested and what your worldview is, your answer could be anything from gold to oil to water… or if you’re of a certain disposition, perhaps whisky…

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Your feedback: energy storage

Our recent article on energy storage attracted a great deal of feedback. This was a pleasant surprise for me. I sometimes think I’m the only person in the world who finds that kind of stuff interesting – meaning I sometimes…

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Our chat with the man who helped develop CRISPR

Today, it’s your last free go on Frontier Tech Investor’s content – at least for a while. But if you like what you see, you can take out a trial here. Why would you want to give Frontier Tech Investor…

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The most important man we’ve ever interviewed

Recently, we gave you exclusive complementary access to some first-class Frontier Tech Investor content. That publication is Exponential Investor’s “big brother”. Normally, it’s strictly for paying subscribers only. This week, I’ve wangled one more interview from Frontier Tech Investor –…

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Your feedback: shorting diesel

We recently ran an article explaining the rationale behind our “big short”: diesel. It’s the dirty fuel, whose time is rapidly coming to an end – at least for cars. We received a big, sooty postbag on the subject. So…

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Intel moves on driverless cars

If you’re in any doubt of just how significant driverless cars are to the markets, as well as the world, you need only glance at the news this week. One of the biggest and most recognisable names in the tech…

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Would you buy from a bot?

We’re all getting more familiar with the idea of chatting to machines. I routinely use voice typing on my Android phone. If you play for the other team, Siri offers a useful interface. This is a field into which substantial…

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The Big Short

Have you ever seen the film The Big Short? If not, I’d encourage you to take a look. Not only is it compelling viewing, but you’re also likely to learn a thing or two. It’s all about the financial crisis…

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Storing electricity at scale

Previously, we introduced Elon Musk’s recent power projects: storage for South Australia; and solar+battery for Hawaii. We also considered his Powerwall battery, for the home. The aim of this was to work out where it’s best to invest in energy…

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Where to store energy?

Regular readers of Exponential Investor will be familiar with our Elon Musk bromance. This past week, there have been two key Musk stories in the news – both validating his vision for a new energy economy through energy storage. Firstly,…

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