Big Brother is now your doctor

We’re used to the idea of “going to the doctor”. But, in future, our digital devices may watch out for conditions we’ve previously relied on healthcare professionals to diagnose. We’re never really satisfied by five-minute consultations with overstretched medical staff…

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Can diamond mining magically “fix” CO2 pollution?

Sometimes, it seems investors forget we live on a finite planet. We can’t have 11 billion people driving diesel cars and eating burgers, without invoking rapid catastrophe. Smart investors always bear this in mind – and invest accordingly. Fossil energy…

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Your personality has a price

Yesterday, we heard about how artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important in criminal justice. Today, we’ll look at how similar techniques are applied in a closely-related field: insurance. You may find it creepy, but insurers are keen to digitally-scrutinise…

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Jailed by Robocop

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world. Today, a huge range of sectors are being disrupted by AI: everything from credit scores, to image recognition; and from logistics, to crop health. As regular readers of Exponential Investor will know, we…

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The Davos Accord is coming

Every few decades, the world’s financial system goes through a reset. Just before a complete collapse, the powers that be come together in an obscure place and hash out the terms of the new currency system. That new system usually…

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Oil from sunshine?

The world moves on fossil oil. However, that’s beginning to change – and not in the way you might expect. Electric vehicles are coming, fast and hard We are becoming increasingly familiar with electric vehicles. Elon Musk’s recent teaser photograph…

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WTF is an ICO?

You might have heard the phrase “initial coin offering” (ICO) being bandied about by investors. But what does it mean? An ICO is a new way of funding startup companies. Normally, when a firm wants to raise capital, it issues…

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Blockchain just got boring. It’s time to invest

Working in the UK tech industry, I see a lot of crazy fads come and go. For example, one I’ve always hated is Bluetooth beacons (the little devices which locate you in shops). It’s not that I hate beacons technology…

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This drone flies underwater

You might think of drones as things that fly. That market is indeed exploding. Airborne drones are being used to inspect everything from crops to power lines – in addition to their well-publicised military uses. But there’s a significant market…

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Three reasons you need to take cryptos seriously now

OK, it’s time to start taking cryptocurrencies seriously. And no, not because they’re making people a fortune. You know that. We’ve been talking about it all year. Many cryptos are up 1000% this year alone. Some are up even more…

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