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  • Climax… or prologue?
  • Rage of the regulator
  • Institutionalised (in a good way)

In light of bitcoin passing the incredible milestone of $50k per BTC, it’s time to rally the troops and reassess our position. Where do we go from here? Is this the top of the latest crypto-boom, or are we only midway through with the best yet to come?

I grabbed Sam Volkering and Kit Winder for an impromptu “cryptocast” to discuss the matter. Sam, because he focuses on the digital asset space more than anyone here at Southbank Investment Research, and Kit, as while he’s newer to the sector, he’s more than proven himself after hosting our crypto summit last year (at exactly the right time, it turns out) and brings a unique perspective on bitcoin to the table.

In our broad ranging conversation below, the prospect of anti-bitcoin government regulation, if more “old money” is coming into the space (or if it’s becoming too volatile), where we are in the “crypto cycle”, and much more. Enjoy!

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Boaz Shoshan
Editor, Southbank Investment Research