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  • The problem with the financial publishing and training industry
  • Why we almost never promote other companies’ work
  • What’s better than getting rich quick

I’m part of the problem.

I’m part of the financial publishing and training industry, which is ripe with unrealistic promises.

Usually it’s a variation of “Get rich quickly.”

“Press these 3 buttons on your phone and make up to £1,293… every day!”

“Discover this simple hack for instant trading profits.”

“Find out how this single mum – from [INSERT CITY] – of three is making thousands of pounds every month without leaving home!”

That’s the side of the financial publishing world that really turns my stomach.

As publisher of Southbank Investment Research, I make sure our promises are realistic.

I’m not saying every prediction will pan out – that’s impossible.

But I’m certain that every promise we publish is well-researched.

Every claim is backed up.

And our editors are held accountable.

As a result, I can sleep better at night, knowing we’re honest to our readers.

But I’m not sure other companies in our space operate similarly.

That’s why we almost never promote other people’s work here at Southbank Investment Research.

How can I be sure that other companies embrace the same philosophy as we do? 

Well, in most cases, I can’t. Not to the degree that would satisfy me.

That’s why, there’s just one company’s work, outside of Southbank Investment Research, we regularly share with our readers… 

Because we actually like, and trust, their product.

The promise is quite uncommon.

It’s the exact opposite of what most others in our space are saying.

So, what’s the promise?

Get rich slowly. Yes, slowly.

Let me explain…

The company we recommend is called TrendSignal.

It teaches traders how to use a simple but effective trading system.

And it’s been doing that for 18 years.

One of the concepts it teaches is “bread and butter” trades.

These are trades that don’t pay you a lot of money at once.

But you can place them regularly, without risking a lot of money.

That’s how the pros trade.

That’s how you can build your nest egg – slowly and steadily.

It’s not flashy. But so far it has proven that it can be effective.

Bread and butter trades are only one of the strategies you can learn from TrendSignal.

Right now, the guys at TrendSignal are offering a free online webinar which will teach you their simple, repeatable system for spotting winning trades…

And if you sign up you will receive a free copy of their ebook worth £14, The 3 golden rules of successful traders.

It’s full of wisdom. Simple practical lessons. Totally free of jargon. And I think you’ll see that pretty soon after downloading it.

Trading doesn’t have to be a complex minefield…

TrendSignal will NOT make you rich overnight.

But it can give you the confidence and expertise to make more effective, more precise, and potentially more profitable trades.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Who wouldn’t want that kind of opportunity?

Click here to put your name down for their FREE training session.

Best wishes, 

Paolo Cabrelli 
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research 

PS Khalid Rashid has been a member of TrendSignal since 2018. Here’s what he says:

“Well-structured model based upon years of experience with a professional approach for the serious trader and not for those looking for quick results with a lottery mindset. The quality of the training and education is of a superior standard.”

Click here to see for yourself why we trust TrendSignal to teach our readers to trade.