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Your regular editor Sam Volkering is currently away on holiday, so in his absence we thought you’d show you a project we’re working on in another corner of Southbank Investment Research. It’s called Southbank Live, a weekly YouTube broadcast where our in-house experts discuss the most pressing market-moving news of the past week, and feature questions and comments in real time from our readership. The most recent episode is available for viewing now (details below) and there’ll be another broadcast later on in the week. Enjoy!

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I’ve become jaded to vast numbers when it comes to the clean energy transition, from Joe Biden’s $555 billion clean energy agenda to the overall $95 trillion global transition that’s forecast.

But while watching the latest episode of Southbank Live with Boaz Shoshan and John Butler, I came across a figure that caught even me off guard.

We expected bold promises and grandiose gestures in Glasgow’s ongoing summit, and so the conference with up to 25,000 guests hasn’t disappointed…

But there’s no doubt that this is a very different conference than the one that crowned the Paris Treaty six years ago.

For one, the money behind this movement is now impossible to ignore.

It’s not just Boris Johnson soliciting trillions of dollars in green energy investment, or the 15% global minimum tax rate that world leaders agreed to while they were at it.

As you’ll see in last Thursday’s episode of Southbank Live, former Bank of England governor Mark Carney and a coalition of banks, insurers, and asset managers have formed an alliance with one goal.

They plan to move climate change “from the fringes to the forefront of finance so that every financial decision takes climate change into account,” as Carney puts it.

And this coalition – the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero – has up to $130 trillion behind it.

If they’re even partially successful in the years ahead, what will it mean for the global economy, markets, and your money?

In the latest episode, which I can share with Exponential Investor readers today, Southbank Live host Boaz Shoshan and John Butler break down the last week’s events, and how they could shape markets for 2020 and beyond.

To see their latest episode, click here.


William Dahl
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