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You possess a powerful money-making skill and you don’t even know it.

It’s a skill you’ve been using almost since the day you were born.

Actually, every human ever born has been using it. Since the beginning of civilisation. Perhaps earlier.

The pyramids in Egypt? Built partly thanks to this skill.

The rise of the Roman Empire? It’s this skill.

The fortunes amassed by merchants during the Middle Ages? Again, it’s thanks to this skill.

So, what is it?

It’s trading.

Essentially, offering something, such as money, time, labour or feelings, in exchange for something you value more. Think about it….

You’re trading when you ask a friend for a favour.

You’re also trading when you shop for groceries.

You’re a trader when you hand your old car in for a part-exchange.

And, of course, you’re trading when you buy a stock.

When big trades come off, they leave their mark.

George Soros is still known as the “man who broke the Bank of England” because he predicted Great Britain would devalue its currency and shorted $10 billion worth of pounds.

Paul Tudor Jones predicted Black Monday in 1987… and came off an estimated $100 million ahead.

More recently, during the pandemic, Bill Ackman turned $27 million into $2.6 billion.

But, for most people, big trading wins are exceptions that prove a harsh rule:

Most people lose money when they trade.

And lately, it’s become easier to find examples of bad, losing trades rather than good, profitable trades.


Well, the rise of online trading apps is one reason. They have attracted a horde of amateur investors who bet on high-risk stocks.

It’s nothing short of gambling. And a perfect storm for losing money.

That’s why, despite our stable of experts here at Southbank Investment Research… we’re relatively light on pure traders. The fact is, I just haven’t come across many people who are actually good at it!

But when I do find traders I can trust – I make sure you get to hear about it.

That’s where our friends over at TrendSignal come in.

TrendSignal is an award-winning company that teaches traders how to use a simple but powerfully effective strategy that’s designed to help investors multiply investment gains.

The guys at TrendSignal are highly reputable – with an 18-year history and an “Excellent” rating over at Trustpilot – and they’re offering Southbank Investment Research subscribers the opportunity to learn about their tried-and-tested proprietary trading system for FREE.

If you want to sharpen your trading skills.

Or learn the ropes from scratch…

Their free trading training session will be time well spent.  

But there’s a problem. Although there is no cost for the event – you do need to register.

Is it worth your attention? Well, I wouldn’t share details of their event if I didn’t think you could learn a lot. One of my goals, as publisher, is to help people cut out avoidable mistakes with their trading and investing.

TrendSignal focuses on the “golden rules” to help steer you into good trades, and away from the bad.

As one of its attendees has said:

“I’ve not only grown in confidence but my trading account has also grown from a starting £3k investment to well over £8k, simply by using the techniques and risk management principles that the team have brilliantly worked so hard to craft.”

We very rarely go out of our way to recommend an external company like TrendSignal, which tells you a lot about how highly we regard TrendSignal and how beneficial we believe its service can be to our readers.

I know the guys who run the show and they really are some of the very few trading experts worth listening to. Whether you’ve been trading for years or just dipping your toe in, looking to get started…

Use this link to find out more and confirm your registration right away.

As I said at the start. We trade in all sorts of ways, in our daily lives.

But it’s the errors we make on the financial markets we really seem to regret.

Why not see how a simple session with the guys over at TrendSignal could help you do a little better?

All the details are here.


Paolo Cabrelli 
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research

PS Not only are they providing a free online webinar which will teach you their simple, repeatable strategy for spotting winning trades…

They’re also giving away a free copy of their £14 e-book, How to identify turning points with confidence.

A free e-book and a free online trading session that teaches you a new strategy for making money from the markets?

That’s a no-brainer as far as I can see it.    

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