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  • The culmination of a five-month project…
  • A radical new technology…
  • And the #1 move I suggest you make now to capitalise

Recently, I took a film crew out on to the streets of central London – and gave away my #1 investment idea for this year… entirely free of charge.

It was the culmination of a five-month project I’ve been working on behind the scenes here, exploring (and demoing) a radical new technology that Forbes magazine claimed just last year “will have massive implications for society”.

It’s being researched, developed – and in many cases rolled out – right now, by companies including Apple, Facebook, the UN, Goldman Sachs, the US Military… even the British government.

And it’s already sent at least three stocks up by 1,000% or more.

Past performance are not a reliable indicator of future results

Yet despite all that… I doubt many regular investors truly understand it, or know how to take advantage of it.

I took a film crew out into London to try and change that.

I visited what I believe is the epicentre of this tech trend (a location in London that I think will shock you)…

And I named the #1 move I suggest you make now for the best chance to capitalise.

Just hit this link to see the footage now (all viewers get my top investment idea for free).


Sam Volkering
Editor, Exponential Investor