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  • A little-known secret of success from Sir Alex Ferguson
  • How to lower risk when trading
  • “Bread and butter trades” – the counterintuitive method real traders use to make real money

Love him or hate him, he’s the most successful British manager of the modern era.

Some call him the greatest coach – across all sports – in history.

During his 26 years as manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson won 13 English league titles and 25 other domestic and international trophies.

His success has become an item of study for other managers, pundits and fans.

Even Harvard Business School tried to answer what made him successful.

Of course, success at this level is a sum of many things – not a single factor.

But there’s a little-known secret that I’m certain played a role in Ferguson’s success.

A secret that you too could learn and use to potentially build wealth.

Here’s what this is all about…

Ferguson was not afraid of change.

He was not afraid to experiment – to try new ideas – even when others had doubts.

He was the one who gave a chance to Eric Cantona. Not everyone agreed with the move. But Ferguson insisted, brought the Frenchman to Manchester and along came the first league title.

In his last year as a manager, Ferguson bought Robin Van Persie from long-time rival Arsenal. Another controversial transfer. But the Dutchman scored 26 goals and, again, sealed the final title in Ferguson’s career.

Ferguson made changes not just when things weren’t working, but also when things were going great.

Like fiddling with tactics or adding new players to an already winning squad.

Bringing in new players not only kept things fresh.

It also meant more options for this team.

More ways to possibly succeed.

When it comes to investing, most investors are doing the opposite of that.

They’re sticking to what they’re already doing.

Even when results have gone down the hill.

How could you use Ferguson’s approach to your investing?

If you’re already buying stocks, more stocks might not be the answer.

And if you haven’t bought cryptos yet, I assume they’re not your cup of tea.

But have you thought about trading?

Look, I’m not advocating to be reckless and take risks you don’t need.

I know for some trading sounds risky.

Truth is, trading is risky. But some risks can be mitigated with the right system.

And sticking to that system is key.

As Sir Alex has said in the past, when sharing the source of his triumphs: “Once you bid farewell to discipline you say goodbye to success.”

Having a system in place – that you stick to – can add some predictability and increase your chances of turning a profit.

And let’s not forget that trading does not expose you to long-term volatility, like stocks do.

In other words, this way trading becomes another way to potentially add to your nest egg.

Another tool to your financial toolbox.

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Best wishes,

Paolo Cabrelli
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research

PS During his time at Man Utd, Ferguson completed 105 transfers.

Some were great – like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Some were okay. Ashley Young and Nani are two good examples.

And some were major flops (Juan Sebastián Verón, anyone?).

But, despite any failures, Fergie kept on winning.

Because he had a system in place. A system built for success. And a system he had the discipline to apply.

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One that’s been proven, after 18 years, to be very successful for those that apply it, and stick to it.

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