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  • The Pfizer Effect
  • Rotation to value?
  • Does a tech crash come first or last?

It’s Friday 13th, time to lock the doors and hide away from the monsters and ghouls?

Depends how much you buy into superstition.

For me (Sam) I think most of it is nonsense. I love a good scary movie, but superstition, no thanks. I work on facts, data and information that’s real.

That’s also how I figure you should think at least when it comes to the market. What we know is that some data points can move stocks – or in the case of this week’s action, some data points can move global markets.

That’s what Pfizer did on Monday. It moved the whole world with its preliminary data from its Covid-19 vaccine trial.

The action was incredible. Great for Covid-beaten stocks, shocking for the stay-at-home stocks.

What happens now? More data is coming – will it be bad, good or indifferent? Whatever the data says, what does that mean for markets and the stocks set to benefit or plummet from this data?

We explore just what next week and the weeks after could look like and also ask, is the timing of this a coincidence or a premeditated move?

All this and more in this week’s Exponential Investor podcast which you can access here.



Sam Volkering and Kit Winder
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