Chinese space lasers

Eoin’s video today is about China’s new space lasers.

China has proposed that these lasers will be used to clean up “space junk”. But as Eoin points out, one third of all the space junk in orbit was created by China.

There is also a much less altruistic motivation behind China’s new space lasers. No sooner than China made its announcement, did NASA point out that any laser which can shoot down space junk could also be used to shoot down functioning satellites.

But it’s not all bad news. This renewed interest in military technology by China, the US and Russia will lead to some serious tech innovation.

“Military competition has been one the clearest catalysts for technological innovation in history,” says Eoin.

You can watch Eoin’s video by clicking on the image below.


And while we’re on the subject of geopolitical tension, Nick Hubble has just got back from his trip to the European Parliament in Brussels.

Why has he been reporting from there?

In his own words:

There’s a dark secret smouldering at the heart of Europe. And it has political insiders and the security services secretly preparing for a period of extreme violence… economic collapse… and anarchy on the streets.

This unrest has such dangerous potential, it topped the agenda at the last Bilderberg Group meeting – the gathering of 130+ of the world’s most powerful individuals.

Not only that, it has led some security services to quietly begin deploying radical weapons on the streets, ready for use on civilian protestors.

According to senior police officials, as many as 14 armoured cars were recently deployed loaded with “a radical device that was only to be used as a last resort”.

This chemical weapon can spread six thousand square feet – six football fields – in just ten seconds, knocking everyone in range immediately unconscious.

What has insiders so spooked?

Find out here.

Exponential Stock in Focus by Donovan Mathews

Gridsum (GSUM): UP 31.87% on 13/02/2019

Today I’d like to highlight the importance of always looking at the bigger picture when considering stocks for your portfolio. Gridsum Holding Inc is a leading provider of cloud-based big-data analytics and AI solutions for multinationals and government agencies in China. The company essentially collects and organises data – helping its customers to make complex insights and better, more informed, business decisions.

The company’s performance in 2019 has been astounding: 85% increase in a month, 24% increase just last week and today we have seen a 31% increase. Fuelling these crazy numbers has been a raft of positive news: they won third place at the AI Challenger 2018 Global AI Contest. It has expanded its relationship with Nike. And just today, it announced a strategic technology partnership with H3C Group, a world-leading digital solutions provider.

Now, this is where I would normally sign off. There is a correlation between some substantial and positive news for the company and a jump in the company’s value. However, there was one piece of news that caught my attention.

Gridsum had recently regained compliance and Nasdaq listing rules. It was another positive news story but that didn’t interest me. What interested me was why it had lost these in the first place. And, this is where taking in the bigger picture comes into play.

If we zoom out from 2019 and take in the yearly performance, we realise that Gridsum is down a whopping 74%. The reasoning? Gridsum customers had filed a class action complaint against the company and were claiming Gridsum had made materially false and misleading statements in its business, operational and compliance policies.

My point is that it’s very easy to be dazzled when a stock jumps ten, 20 or even 30 per cent. In the case of Gridsum, it’s been doing incredibly well as of late. But it’s had a torrid 2018, and this might be the beginning of a long road to recovery, or it could be a company making a last stand against long-term decline. The point is, always zoom out, to get the context you need to make an informed decision.

I have no idea if Gridsum is heading up or down, but this is why having someone like Eoin Treacy in your corner, with nearly 20 years’ experience in the markets, can be so beneficial. He takes in the full picture, gathers up all the news and data, spends days, weeks, even months assessing all the information… and then gives you the best and most informed decisions, in order to make you money.

If you’d like to see Eoin’s work and investing research, you can. For free. To start you off we’ve put together a special tech investing starter pack that’s worth more than £500 (including TWO free books) which you can claim for free – here. It will give you the scope and reasoning behind why we believe the tech industry is the most exciting industry in the markets today.
I will be back next week to reveal the latest market mover.

Until next time,

Harry Hamburg
Editor, Exponential Investor

Category: Artificial Intelligence

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