Boaz Shoshan

When he trained to become a financial adviser, Boaz Shoshan earned a black mark against his name for asking too many questions. Having become disillusioned with the financial services industry, he joined Southbank Investment Research in 2017. The questions haven’t stopped. Having ventured down many financial rabbit holes, Boaz now writes for Capital & Conflict, London Investment Alert, and is the managing editor of Zero Hour Alert. From gold to violins, bitcoin to cigars, and whisky to wine, Boaz’s investing interests are often to be found outside the financial system – despite being a qualified financial adviser.

The fear and greed circuit

Your editor, Harry Hamburg is away at the moment. Before he headed off, he wanted to make sure you’d read this, from earlier in the year. Considering how hairy the cryptocurrency/digital asset market has been recently, this letter is especially…

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Crypto in crisis?

  We’ve received a lot of great emails recently on the subject of cryptocurrencies and Andrew Lockley’s “beef” with them. Some readers are tentative: “While I have no idea how blockchain technology works, I am very prepared to believe that…

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Balls have zero to me to me to me

“Hey, Dad, know what I figured out? The meaning of words isn’t a fixed thing! Any word can mean anything! By giving words new meanings, ordinary English can become an exclusionary code! Two generations can be divided by the same…

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