Mischa Frankl-Duval

Maths eats everything

Last week, two researchers announced that they had decoded the science of writing. More specifically, Jodie Archer and Matthew L Jockers had used large datasets to determine which features were most common in bestselling books. The pair insist their information…

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Future of Britain? Look at Japan

Robots are barely even news anymore. In the same way that a story about a suicide bombing in Iraq doesn’t shock you like it used to, the news that robots are taking our jobs is all a bit passé by…

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3D print yourself a better house (and face)

3D printing has too long been confined, in the popular imagination, to a few, relatively mundane uses. Stories about 3D-printed household tools gain traction; stories about 3D-printed food – a little more exciting – are also popular. But these stories…

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Building hack-proof hardware in the war against cybercrime

It’s easy to think of cybercrime as totally discrete from regular crime. But it would be a bad mistake. The word “crime” might make you think of robberies, violence or something worse – but most of the acts that come…

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Fighting cyber crime

Darktrace was founded by former government spooks, people who had significant experience combating cyberattacks. The man behind American firm root9B is cut from the same cloth. COO John Harbaugh worked in a number of prominent roles in the Department of…

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How tech is helping millions of refugees

Truly new technology doesn’t change lives – at least at first. Before it can affect people’s day-to-day goings-on, an innovation has to be adopted, ceasing to be a nice piece of theory, and becoming a useful, accessible, everyday boon. Things…

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Robots are becoming more human (and vice versa)

The few robots that currently affect our lives in any way don’t look like humans. We have robot deliverymen, robot surgeons and robot cars – but none of those is even a little bit humanoid. That makes perfect sense. Humans…

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Human police leave too much to chance

The shootings in the US last week were utterly abhorrent. The murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were sad symptoms of a centuries-old disease in the United States. The killing of five policemen (and one civilian) in Dallas –…

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Even slacking isn’t off limits in the AI revolution

This week saw yet another world-first for artificial intelligence. IntelligentX, a London-based brewing company, has started selling beers that improve themselves using machine learning. Once customers have tried the company’s beers, they can give feedback to an artificial intelligence agent…

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Would you let Google see your medical records?

When an artificial intelligence (AI) beat the world champion at Go, it made international headlines. AlphaGo’s victory – masterminded by scientists at Google’s secretive subsidiary DeepMind – was seen as a major leap forward; Go should have proved too complicated…

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