Nick O'Connor

Three reasons you need to take cryptos seriously now

OK, it’s time to start taking cryptocurrencies seriously. And no, not because they’re making people a fortune. You know that. We’ve been talking about it all year. Many cryptos are up 1000% this year alone. Some are up even more…

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I’ll give you this cryptocurrency gift

The single most important wealth creating opportunity on the market right now is in cryptocurrencies. No question. As Publisher, I’m doing everything I can to get you in on this ‘crypto-rush’ as smartly and strategically as possible. That’s why, today,…

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Five secrets to making a fortune from property

“What will my house be worth in two years’ time?” When friends and family find out I write and publish financial advice, that’s generally the first thing they ask me. (Occasionally followed by, “When’s a good time to buy my…

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