Nick O'Connor

The world’s most valuable commodity revealed

What’s the world’s most valuable commodity? That’s a loaded question. Depending on how you’re invested and what your worldview is, your answer could be anything from gold to oil to water… or if you’re of a certain disposition, perhaps whisky…

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Intel moves on driverless cars

If you’re in any doubt of just how significant driverless cars are to the markets, as well as the world, you need only glance at the news this week. One of the biggest and most recognisable names in the tech…

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Humans 2.0

A new variety raised by man will be a far more important and interesting subject for study than one more species added to the infinitude of already recorded species. Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species What if technology enabled…

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The California “Green Rush”

On 8 November the people of California decided they’d like to follow in the footsteps of Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska and legalise the use of marijuana. It was a hugely significant decision. And it could be very profitable. It’s…

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It’s 1933 (all over again)

“I think this would be a good time for a beer.” So said US president Franklin Roosevelt in 1933, as prohibition in the US ended at last. The country had been “dry” for 13 years. The re-legalisation brought about major…

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An “epochal disruption” that could make you ten times your money

On the table for you today is an opportunity. A big one. Whether you take it depends on what kind of person you are deep down. Here’s the story in short: Right now, a group of technology companies are challenging…

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The art of seeing the invisible

Is it really possible to see the future? I don’t mean in the Mystic Meg sense. No one can predict tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers. Certain things are inherently unpredictable. But is it possible to anticipate the world of tomorrow, next…

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Your essential cyber dossier

Today, a quick recap for you on global cyber-warfare. There’s so much going on right now – it’s hard to keep track of all the twists and turns. But it is very important you don’t get lost. It’s a story…

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Undeclared global warfare

Let’s do a quick straw poll. I need your opinion on something. It’s the biggest and most controversial geopolitical story in the world right now. Did Russia “hack” the US election? Did Russian cyber-attacks favour the presidency of Donald Trump…

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How tech firms are scaring the life out of traditional carmakers

“If they [Apple] have any urges to make a car, I’d advise them to lie down and wait until the feeling passes…” “Illnesses like this come and go, you will recover from them, they’re not lethal.” So said Fiat Chrysler…

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