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Akhil speaks out – part two

Welcome to the second part of our interview with Akhil Patel, editor of Cycles, Trends and Forecasts. You can read part one here. Akhil recently made a controversial prediction. He believes the stockmarket could hit 15,000 here in Britain –…

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The man behind this shocking prediction

Akhil Patel is an editor at Southbank Investment Research and an expert in economic and financial cycles. He recently issued a note to investors that was titled “The Age of Opportunity”. In it, he contradicted the doom-mongers every step of…

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Three powerful cycles, one huge opportunity

“That’s classic K-wave.” That was Akhil Patel’s comment after reading the latest issue of Frontier Tech Investor, which was published on Tuesday evening. Akhil is an expert in understanding the cycles that, he believes, govern the economy and the financial…

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