Sam Volkering

Sam is an expert in uncovering and predicting the world’s next huge tech trends and investment opportunities. His specialises in how to invest in the best stocks & shares, with a focus on revolutionary technology. He’s always ‘boots on the ground’ travelling the world meeting and engaging with inventors, founders, innovators and getting hands on with the most revolutionary tech on earth.

He’s predicted the rise of 3D printing, the arrival of augmented and immersive reality, the incredible shift to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and the dawn of true quantum computing. But most notably he’s a pioneer for his work educating his subscribers on the crypto revolution years before the mainstream caught wind of it all.

Nickolai Hubble

After finishing his degrees in finance and law at Bond University in Australia in 2009, working for an investment bank didn’t seem so enticing any more. An internship with his scholarship provider Goldman Sachs during the height of the financial crisis was quite enough of that.

Instead, Nickolai went to work for independent publishers that allow their analysts to predict the financial crises that investment bankers cause.

In 2012 Nickolai exposed the sub-prime practices of Australian banks to his readers at The Money for Life Letter. His accusations that bankers and mortgage brokers routinely manipulate their customers’ loan applications were vindicated by a Royal Commission in 2018.

In 2018 Nickolai predicted Italy’s budget battles would lead to “Bloody October” and successfully warned his subscribers about the worst period in financial markets since 2008. In August he compiled his predictions into a book called How the Euro Dies.

Nickolai doesn’t just investigate financial markets and predict crises and opportunities. He’s also a flying trapeze, juggling and chin balancing performer and instructor. He’s lived in England, Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Germany, Australia, Thailand and Japan, stubbornly refusing to identify with any nationality.

Nickolai is the only person to have spun a plate on a stick while playing the bagpipes while swinging on a flying trapeze bar eight metres up in the air.

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