History is calling, the melt-up is coming

I want it now
I want it now
Not the promises of what tomorrow brings
I need to live in dreams today.

– Nothing Lasts Forever, Echo and The Bunnymen, 1997

All good things come to an end.

What goes up, must come down.

Nothing ever lasts forever.

These are well worn clichés. But they hold true, don’t they?

Whether we’re talking about euphoria or despair, prosperity or hardship, pleasure or pain… we intuitively understand that all things must pass.

As in life, so too in the markets.

No stock climbs eternally.

No market booms indefinitely.

Eventually, the ride comes to an end. And the fun stops.

But as I’ll be showing you in this week’s special editions of Exponential Investor…

Those final moments do not end with a gentle deceleration… but with a frantic and electrifying climax.

If you read my note yesterday you’ll be starting to understand this idea already.

It’s a big one. And one I want you to really get your head around it and act upon it.

So, over the next five days, you’re going to get the full picture.

Along with my colleague Eoin Treacy, a fund manager and trader entrusted with $600m in family wealth…

We will be unpacking the single most important financial opportunity of our times:

The dramatic end to the longest-running bull market in history

If you have your wits about you, you will have sensed a change in the way people are beginning to talk and think about the markets.

You will understand that sentiment is beginning to turn. There’s no question about it.

Yesterday, I sent you a glimpse of the anxiety we’re seeing in the mainstream financial media. The doom-laden predictions are popping up day after day. This one in particular caught my eye last week from Market Watch:

Billionaire Steven Cohen sees a bear-market heading our way

“… and it’s going to happen in the next year and a half, maybe two.”

I think he’s right!

We have all seen a decade of historic growth in practically every major financial market.

Cohen and all of the doom-mongers below are going to pat themselves on the back in a few years and say, “We did it, we called it, hooray for us!”

But while these sage soothsayers are, in one way at least, very, very right.

In a much more important way, they are very, very wrong.

And that means, they are destined to miss out on…

The biggest market “melt-up” the world has ever seen

Cohen and his fellow bears are making a glaring oversight.

They are missing a crucial fact that almost no one – except Eoin Treacy – seems to have spotted.

They are forgetting (or simply do not know) how a bull market ends.

I’ll come out and say it as clearly as I can: understanding what these expert investors and the financial media are missing has the potential to make 2019 the most financially rewarding year of your life.

Because as you will see… the final days of a bull market account for the most outrageous wealth generating periods in history.

As we will show you in deeper detail later today, the last-gasp, mad-money stage of a bull market has played out over every major boom for the last century.

In fact, our research shows us that every bull market plays out this way.

From what Eoin has shared with me, this “climax” follows a recurring and predictable pattern.

You can see that pattern here?

What you can see here is the Dow Jones Industrial Average during the Roaring Twenties. You’ll notice that the Dow showed outrageous growth from 1920 to around 1926. But then it goes vertical… taking the media and experts completely by surprise.

What you’re seeing above is insane short-term growth that almost no one sees coming.

I admit, it’s barely believable… almost ludicrous…. but it happens, repeatedly, over and over again. The really ludicrous thing to do is ignore that fact. And fail to exploit it.

Incredibly, this pattern even takes into account the anxiety we’re seeing in the media right now… what Eoin refers to as “the moment of doubt”, or the calm before the storm. That happens just before the circled part of the chart.

Eoin believes the nitro-charged period of growth he anticipates could be imminent – even just weeks away.

You do not want to miss that, do you?

You do not want to be on the outside of this very rare and potentially fortune-making event.

You do not want to watch on as other investors profit as rapidly and aggressively as Eoin is predicting.

I know you don’t!

That’s why, this Wednesday, Eoin will be holding an urgent summit, exclusive to Exponential Investor readers.

It’s called:

“The Bull Market Climax Summit”

You’re already booked in to watch it.

I’ve done that on your behalf so you don’t have to jump through hoops to reserve a spot.

I’ve worked closely with Eoin to explain the climax as simply and urgently as he can.

So, on Wednesday afternoon I’ll send you a private viewing link so you can watch it.

All you have to do is click the link.

If you have a single penny of your wealth invested in stocks…

Or if you’ve been sitting in cash ruing the profits others have made from the longest bull market in history…


It will be ready for you to view at 2pm on Wednesday.

When you get my email, just before 2pm, lock your door. Put your phone on silent. Pay full attention. And you will discover:

    • When this event took place at the end of the Roaring Twenties, the number of millionaires counted by the US Treasury multiplied from just 21 to an estimated 15,000.
    • When this event happened at the end of Japan’s asset boom in 1989, it created more than $3.43 trillion of wealth for everyday investors…
    • How in 2000, at the end of the dot-com boom, this event propelled 67 everyday Brits on to the Times Rich List. Now, for the first time in 18 years, it’s about to happen again.
    • Why it will create more wealth for investors than any financial event in history…
    • And how you can be one of the smart investors who position yourself to make 10 or even 20 times your money.


If you have a single penny of your wealth invested in the markets…

Or if you’ve been thinking about investing your money, this could your last chance to make a killing.

You don’t need a degree in finance to potentially profit…

You don’t need to understand charts, graphs or indexes…

And you don’t need a lot of capital… just £100-£500.

All you need to do is…


I will send your private viewing link at 2pm sharp on Wednesday afternoon

I want you to know that Eoin doesn’t make this prediction lightly.

But the evidence he is about to share with you has compelled him to go public.

As one of the world’s most respected traders and investors, he is putting his reputation on the line to bring this to you.

Eoin’s analysis is highly sought after. That’s why he can charge as much as £10,000 a day to share his insight with private clients. And that’s why he has 14,000 subscribers with us here at Southbank Investment Research.

In his work here with us, Eoin has made his readers a series of spectacular returns on the stockmarket…

“Am now ahead just under £40k. Thank Eoin for his help has made retirement much more comfortable.” – Alan Squires

“A very healthy gain of 149%… Keep doing your stuff” – NC

“Your services have helped improve my overall savings and retirement funding and I hope that applies to many others…” – AB

“Made c. 500 points on the Twitter trade.”  – DGL

… but without question the biggest and most exciting call of his career will be the one he shares with you on Wednesday at 2pm.

Not only will Eoin prove to you – beyond all doubt – that we could be about to see the most rapid acceleration of market growth in history…

He will also tell you about FOUR specific investments whose stock prices will be amplified by The Bull Market Climax.

Each of these investments is positioned perfectly for maximum possible upside from the coming Bull Market Climax. Seeding your money into them could create significant wealth, very quickly.

If you care about your future wealth in any way, you need to watch The Bull Market Climax Summit.

We can’t wait to show you what this is all about… and to hand you the rare but genuine potential to make a killing in the stockmarket… from an opportunity that’s been overlooked by the financial media and the vast majority of investors.

This afternoon, Eoin will be in touch in an extra special edition of Exponential Investor.

He is going to run you through the hard facts… how every major bull market in history has “melted up” before it has melted down.

A small but crucial nuance that could make you a hell of a lot of money if it plays out that way again.

Right, I think that gives you your bearings about this very exciting week we have put together for you.

If you have your doubts about all this….

If you think the incredible rise of stocks over the last decade cannot possibly double or triple from here…

Eoin will prove to you this afternoon that the potential is very real and the evidence is extraordinarily compelling.

So, watch out for Eoin’s message to hit you inbox later today.

The subject line will be: “How every great bull market in history has ended”.

Many thanks,

Harry Hamburg
Editor, Exponential Investor

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