Blockchain is a digital ledger. It records transactions in digital currencies such as bitcoin – or any cryptocurrency – and records them in a manner thought to be incorruptible.  Blockchain tech is revolutionary. It has paved the way for digital transfers of wealth and sensitive data to happen outside of the banking and legal industries.

It’s important to recognise how much serious attention blockchain startup investment is getting now. These are some of the companies you should be watching.
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Until now, blockchain has been bitcoin’s quieter little brother. But it's huge potential is about to be realised at last. What makes blockchain so special?
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Can this man kill bitcoin?

Bitcoin has certainly made waves. Furthermore, its underlying blockchain technology appears to have widespread promise. However, it’s far from clear whether bitcoin has much of a future as a replacement for normal “fiat” currency. Today, we’ll be hearing from Dan…

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Is bitcoin the future of money?

Research Editor Farah Nayeri lead an exclusive interview with the author John Lanchester o (writer of Capital, which became a BBC TV series, and How to Speak Money) on the future of bitcoin. Lanchester has taken a real interest in…

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The rise of the blockchain continues

Bitcoin, Ethereum, in fact any cryptocurrency – they’re all just the tip of the iceberg. The really interesting part is the technology behind them – the blockchain. Which is why over the past month or so we’ve been delving into…

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