Thank you – and a new video from Boaz

I hope you enjoyed our first ever gold summit.

Thank you for tuning in.

It took a lot of work and man hours to bring you this event. But it’s all been worth it if we achieved two simple things:

  1. To show you that there are changes in the world that could make owning gold imperative
  2. That moving ahead of these changes could prove very financially rewarding

I hope I have done that for you.

I called in the top gold insiders in the world so you could get a deep understanding of the first of these points.

And I have launched my new project – Gold Stock Fortunes – to show you how I think you can best take advantage of what’s happening.
I do not want you to run into the next gold bull blindly.

Get the gold stock intelligence you need to make informed decisions… at the right time.

I am offering you a 63% summit discount to try out my service… and see which gold miners I recommend you buy now, to give yourself the best possible chance of profiting.

And when I say “try out” I mean there is no financial commitment. I have asked Southbank Investment Research to extend its 30-day money back guarantee period to 365 days.

I have done this because I want you to value my work and stay with me if it’s right for you. No pressure.

My first gold stock play is already with charter members.

Another one will be hot on its heels.

Remember, this is a generational opportunity. As a professional wealth manager, I don’t have a lot of spare time and I have two young kids I love spending time with.

Calling this summit and launching Gold Stock Fortunes is a lot to take on.

But I would have made this effort because I have waited years to share my contacts, insights and experience trading gold and gold stocks…

And I didn’t think there is a hell of a lot of money to be made from the forces converging before us.

Forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results

I think you see it too.

So, let’s take action and take command of the situation.

Click here now and let me share my personal protect and profit plan for the coming gold market surge.

There is a time factor here, if you want to join me on the best possible terms.

Your 63% charter discount and 365-day money back guarantee are only available until midnight tomorrow.

Terms will never be so favourable.

And the moment you start your trial, you’ll also gain unrestricted access to all of the summit videos and research. We’ll be selling tickets for £500 to the wider public. But you can re-watch or catch up on episodes you may have missed at your leisure.

Take up your £100-off charter offer now, while it’s still on the table.

The summit isn’t quite over yet!

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a special Q&A video I have recorded, answering the most commonly asked questions we’ve received.

Today, we have a short message from your host, Boaz Shoshan.

I think you’ll agree that Boaz has done a terrific job through the last week or so. When I decided to hold the summit, I knew I’d need a gold expert asking all the right questions of our guest speakers. And Boaz did just that.

Click here or on the video below to hear Boaz’s closing remarks:

That’s all for today.

Please watch out for my email tomorrow, answering your FAQs.

More tomorrow,

Eoin Treacy
The 2019 Gold Summit

PS I almost forgot. If you haven’t yet watched my Keynote Episode. I am leaving it unlocked for you to watch – but I can only do so until tomorrow at midnight.

If you have a real ambition to profit from the next gold bull, make sure you watch it while it is still free to do so.

The last gold bull run saw certain gold stocks go ballistic.

Diggers like Kinross climbed 4,400%.

Barrick gold soared over 4,800%.

And Goldcorp hit highs of 9,900%.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

The past never repeats itself exactly the same way, of course.

But I hope you can see the potential here, slapping us in the face.

Miners have never been so cheap…

And the gold market looks like an eruption waiting to happen.

The fact is, I believe we’re looking at first-in-history conditions for an enormous gold price surge.

And the chance to make a potential fortune.

Forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results

So, let’s take full advantage!

In the last gold bull I told my investors when to get in early… and to get out at the very top.

I know that many of them didn’t listen. And I know they’ve come to deeply regret it.

Avoid that same fate.

Leave no room for regret like that.

Let me show you the three catalysts that could soon ignite the boom…

And my #1 gold stock to buy now!

It’s all here, in Episode #3.

Watch it. Take in the enormous opportunity at your feet.

And let me show you how I think you can ride it to an enormous personal financial gain.

Forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results

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