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I’m doing something today that my publisher really didn’t want me to do. Luckily I put my best skills of persuasion forward.

What you’re about to read below is the second chapter of my book, Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money.

I wanted to give you this chapter because I think we’re at a seminal moment in the history of the world. And quite possibly the reason we’re here has a lot to do with bitcoin.

I know that many people out there are sceptical of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Some don’t understand it and some don’t want to. But I implore you to at least gather the right knowledge about it before you cast your final say.

Until you really understand the history and the impact it could have on global markets, I don’t think you’re qualified to cast it aside. And I think you’re not doing yourself any favours if you’re entering the crypto markets without this information either.

It’s also why over the last few months I’ve been working my backside off to bring together several of the finest minds on technology, futurism and crypto for a seven-day crypto summit docuseries to give you all the information you need to properly arm yourself.

The impact bitcoin has on the world cannot be underestimated. And I believe that it won’t be the only one to have that kind of impact.

Remember when Yahoo! and Ask Jeeves were the biggest search engines on the internet? When Netscape and Internet Explorer were the world’s biggest web browsers?

No one thought that just a decade or so later would be upended and dominated by a company that didn’t even yet exist.

But that’s how fast technology can move and how much it can disrupt the apparently invincible. Maybe that’s what’s about to happen in the cryptocurrency markets? Maybe there’s something beyond bitcoin?

All I’m saying is that when you register to my FREE docuseries, The Search for the Next Bitcoin, you’ll get access to all the interviews, content and reports to put you in a position to best understand what’s coming in crypto.

And as a primer to that, I want you to get an understanding of why bitcoin exists and the state of play that led to its genesis. That’s why, as promised, I’m giving you the second chapter of my book, Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money.

You can read it below, enjoy.



Sam Volkering
Editor, Exponential Investor

Category: Cryptocurrency

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