Our £1m crypto play

Here’s something you might not expect me to say about investing in cryptocurrency:

Expect failure.

Expect to take a hit.

And here’s what else you have every right to expect – if you do things right…

The biggest financial returns of your life.

In this wild, new market – the two go hand in hand. You can’t escape it. You can’t hide from it. And why would you really want to?

In one respect, the cryptomarket is no different from traditional financial markets – it’s full of crap! Just like the countless dud companies on the FTSE, NYSE, ASX, the crypto index is chock-full of assets you shouldn’t touch with a 200ft bargepole.

A large number of these “crapcoin” cryptos will cease to exist in the next five years. And of the ones that do have big market caps have trading volumes in the thousands, maybe even millions… they’ll cease to exist too.

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies out there that are nothing more than a good website, some active social media accounts and a decent white paper – or “slideware”.

This means they present a good show, but there’s little in the way of future value. The chances of them developing into something valuable and tangible are remote.

In fact, we’d even go so far to say that around three quarters of all cryptos you see today will fail.

For example, MazaCoin. Here was a coin that said it would be the currency of the sovereign tribes of North America. MazaCoin debuted in 2014 to huge popularity and hype.

This was going to be the currency of North American casinos – that was the claim in a number of forum chats. It saw MazaCoin go from a “market cap” of around US$100,000 to over US$10,000,000 in a month. A couple months later it was around US$10,000.

And by 2015 the total network value of MazaCoin was worth… wait for it… a whopping… US$8. MazaCoin was intrinsically worth nothing, because no one was using it. They had grand plans, a big idea and plenty of hype. But no substance.

MazaCoin still exists, but it’s worthless. And in our view, it will never amount to anything.

We expect that most crypto in existence will suffer the same fate.

There will be a huge cooling off for “crapcoins”. Many will tumble. But while many will suffer, there are many more that will thrive.

No bubbles here

This is where things get really interesting. You see, if we’re so negative about the future success of so many cryptos, then surely we must think there’s a bubble forming.

Well no, not really. No bubbles here.

You see, you can’t think of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets in traditional finance terms.

On one hand there will be bags of cryptos that crash and burn. Perhaps many of them in one fell swoop. But this won’t drag on the whole ecosystem. If 500 cryptos all crash in value, money won’t exit this ecosystem and flood back into fiat money – it will simple reallocate itself into other, better cryptos.

This is where people who don’t understand crypto fail to see what’s really going on. When fiat money exits the fiat system and enters the crypto-economy, it doesn’t come back.

Sure, sometimes it does for people just looking for a quick, fast buck. These punters will move fiat money in and out of crypto and fiat systems all day long.

But the real, long-term visionaries won’t ever move their money back into the fiat world. They will shift into cryptos that allow them to operate in the real world.

And we’re not talking about pocket change here. We’re talking billions upon billions. If you have a few moments, visit the website fiatleak.com. It shows you, in real time, the money flooding from traditional currencies – fiat money like the £ and $ – into bitcoin.

A few weeks ago I sat and watched as $800m poured into bitcoin. Not in a day. Or an hour. But over a period of just 29 minutes.

This wave of money into the crypto-verse will be involved in payments systems, data transfer, communications platforms, identify verification, cloud technology, compliance and regulation tech, property transfer, and artificial intelligence networks (to name a few).

For every new technology you can think of there is a development in the crypto space to decentralise and distribute its network. Now that might sound a little complex. But understand this, the crypto world isn’t just an “investment option”.

This isn’t a new way to invest fiat money. This is a whole new financial system. External to fiat money. The money (crypto) flows in and around this existing system. It flows into new developments, around to new networks, between users, buyers, sellers and the other new developments.

Join me online tomorrow at 2pm

This is the single biggest financial revolution in history. And to really understand how big, I would like to invite you to view a special web-summit I am holding tomorrow at 2pm.

I’ll be joined by Nick O’Connor, and we’ll be showing viewers that the crypto markets aren’t just about “new money”… this is a technological revolution… more like a startup index full of truly revolutionary new companies.

In the web-summit I will show you how to invest in these startups at the point of maximum possible financial gain – BEFORE they even launch on to the crypto markets.

And I’ll run you through my special, layered filter system that helps me avoid “crapcoins”. I’ve used this system for every crypto gain I’ve made personally, and for my readers. Get your name down and tune in for details on that alone.

If you already invest in cryptos like bitcoin and ethereum, tomorrow at 2pm I’d like to show you how to take things a little further. If you’re comfortable with taking on a little more risk for the chance to make as much as 100 times your money… I think you’ll get a lot out of our web-summit tomorrow.

You must register if you want to see it. But the good news is: it’s free!

Nick is really behind this idea. In fact he’s taking two very unusual and bold steps to show you just how serious he is about bringing this idea to readers:

First off, he’s putting over £1m on the line. I’ll explain more about that in tomorrow’s broadcast.

Secondly, if you decide this opportunity to invest in new cryptos before they launch on to the market is for you… Nick is willing to stake you £250 worth of ethereum to dip your toe in.

That’s a breath-taking show of faith.

Click here to book your viewing spot for tomorrow’s investing summit.

Find out why Nick is backing this opportunity all the way.

As long as you get your name down, you’ll receive an email just before we go live with the private viewing link.

See you then,

Sam Volkering
Exponential Investor

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