Markets go down today, but think of tomorrow’s opportunities

13 May, 2022

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  • Do you buy the dip?
  • Look for quality companies as markets trade down
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I kicked off today’s Exponential Investor podcast asking my co-editor Sam Volkering, are the current falling stock and crypto markets a “zoom out” or a “buy the dip” opportunity?

“The markets” said Sam with his index fingers. “Pfft”. It turns out, Sam isn’t a fan of simply referring to all asset sectors as just “the markets”. Rather, he points out, what really matters is looking for the individual opportunities within the markets.

Tech stocks, commodity stocks and cryptocurrencies have all seen sell-offs of various sizes. It’s not a case of buy the dip, Sam tells me, but rather look for excellent companies that are being unfairly knocked around by market sentiment.

Settle in and join Sam and I as we talk about what to look for when stocks get kicked around. (Bonus points if you spy the moment where Sam ran away to take delivery of nine extremely large chipboard panels…).

Watch the latest Exponential Investor podcast below.

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Until next time,

Shae Russell
Co-editor, Exponential Investor

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