Podcast: a one-man stage show… New Money, New Rules

22 April, 2022

In today’s Exponential Investor

  • How good is the NBN..?
  • Impact of changing money
  • The most important interview that I’ve ever done

Today’s Exponential Investor Podcast is a little different.

As you will find out, I am riding solo today. It will be a one-man stage show.

Due to the horrifically poor national broadband network (NBN) in Australia, designed to take Australia’s connectivity into the “future”, Shae Russell was unable to join us.

Her internet connection (wired I might add) was too poor to send her feed to us here in the UK.

Great job Australia!

Anyway, because of these difficulties we weren’t going to leave you in the dark on one of the most important subjects facing you today… the massive change in global finance and the explosion of the crypto economy.

There are big changes coming to everything you do in the world today. How you communicate and network, how you access and share data, and how you transact and function in a global economy.

What do these changes look like, what should you be thinking and doing when they come?

Also, crucially, how does the fast moving and innovative world of crypto fit into all this?

In today’s podcast I divulge what I consider to be some answers to those questions.

You may already be down that rabbit hole, or you may still be a crypto-sceptic. Whichever you are, it doesn’t matter: what’s coming is going to impact us all.

That’s why next week you’ll have access to an interview I took part in with one of the most recognised names in the UK. That person is someone who understands what change looks like, what it means for the people of this country, and why it’s important to absorb and understand all aspects of what’s coming down the pathway.

It’s possibly the most important interview that I’ve ever done. In it, I tell you exactly what four moves you need to make to prepare for when New Money, New Rules take hold.

Make sure to get access to the whole interview when it drops next week by clicking here.

You can access today’s Exponential Investor Podcast, the one-man show, below now.

Sam Volkering
Editor, Exponential Investor