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  • Questions missed from last week
  • What is Binance and Tether?
  • What happens if Binance and Tether fail?

If you’re getting into the crypto markets, then you’ll come across exchanges and stablecoins.

These are commonplace in crypto.

Exchanges obviously allow you to buy, sell, swap crypto. These help support a thriving, functional market for various crypto.

Stablecoins are crypto that are pegged, tied to… tethered to fiat currency like USD, GBP or EUR.

One of the biggest exchanges in the world is Binance. One of the biggest stablecoins in the world is Tether (a USD stablecoin).

Together they are giants in the crypto market. But there is a lot of conjecture as to their credibility, trustworthiness and stability.

Some suggest they are frauds and scams. A lot of this is based on puddle deep information and a lack of understanding of the wider crypto ecosystem.

But also, where there’s smoke, there’s still often a bit of fire at least. And both have undertaken practices that do call into question just how viable they might be long term.

If they are proven to be frauds, or scams, or worse… they fail… what impact would this have to the crypto market. Is Binance the “Lehman Brothers” of the crypto world? Is Tether the Enron in the room?

Or is it all a storm in a teacup?

Well in this week’s Exponential Investor Podcast we deep dive into what is going on here, what might happen, what could happen in a worst-case scenario and what we really think is going on.

It’s enthralling, exciting and gives you the real story about Binance and Tether which the mainstream simply fails to tell you about.

You can access this week’s podcast below

Sam Volkering and Kit Winder
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