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  • Technical difficulties
  • If Zoom slides, then where else to invest?
  • Keep an eye on China…

In this week’s Exponential Investor podcast, we ask a simple question:

Is it all over for Covid/lockdown stocks such as Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ:ZM)?

After some eye-watering gains, driving the stock to almost $590 over the last year, Zoom has lost a big chunk of those gains.

Is this a full cycle condensed into a short space of time? Is it the new platform for Zoom to head higher? Or is it all downhill from here?

We take a look at what might happen and why. We also dive into areas of opportunity in a world in which the “old” way of doing things is once again “new”.

There is a lot to look at, and a lot to think about for investors.

Also, keep an eye on China. There’s a strong feeling this is a market that is teetering on the brink of something rather devastating. The knock-on effects could be huge.

And with a never-before-seen market divergence, just how risky has China become and what should you as an investor be thinking about?

All this and more in today’s Exponential Investor podcast which you can access below.

Sam Volkering and Kit Winder
Exponential Investor