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  • Greenland EV mining
  • Where are the opportunities?
  • Planes fall from the skies in China

In January we took a look at the lithium market, and asked the question, is it too late to invest in lithium stocks?

You can revisit that podcast here.

Well here we are seven months down the track and once again we look at the lithium market to see if there’s still opportunity and what investors should do.

This comes off the back of a major partnership from a UK-based mining company that’s looking to mine for “EV metals” in Greenland.

This parentship means billionaires like Bill Gate and Jeff Bezos (through their investment funds) will be getting into the EV metals space in a big way.

Of course to find out which company on the London Stock Exchange we’re talking about you’ll need to tune in…

We also look at the impact on the energy market a fall in demand for oil will have.

China is shifting into further lockdowns due to the spread of the “Delta” variant of the Covid-19 virus.

That means a huge drop in the number of flights in and around China. Furthermore, the whole Asia and Oceania region is almost like a no-fly zone right now.

What impact is this going to have on the oil price and what can investors do about it?

Lots to cover, plenty to think about and unpack.

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Sam Volkering and Kit Winder
Exponential Investor