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  • A crisis of… sanity?
  • China woes
  • Unlocking the answers

Who better to discuss our current state of energy emergency (or crisis for those inclined to such terms) than our resident energy expert, Kit Winder?

With the UK in what appears to be an endless cycle of crisis, what are we to really make of it all?

Is this latest crisis of fuel a one-off, or are more crises, shortages and episodes of panic about to beset the UK as we head into winter?

Should you stockpile, hoard, and batten down the hatches? Or should you just keep calm and carry on?

Of course, these events aren’t just reserved for us here in the UK. There is a widespread problem with global supply chains under pressure with everything from energy to food and technology.

You might be feeling smug if you’ve just bought an electric vehicle (EV) to stave off any future fuel crisis… but you also might be waiting longer than the fuel shortages last to actually buy a new EV if the global semiconductor shortages are any indication.


What’s the answer to it all? How can you as an investor get ahead of crisis, seize opportunity and play the market to profit from crisis?

Maybe instead of panic buying fuel, you should panic buy stocks. That is something to think about before the inevitable “crisis of [insert new industry here]” hits the mainstream media headlines next.

We dig into all this and more including what is going on in China and how new decentralised, distributed technologies may unlock the answers to solving many of these supply chain issues in today’s Exponential Investor Podcast.

You can access today’s podcast below.

Sam Volkering and Kit Winder
Exponential Investor

PS As promised in the podcast, I (Sam) have recently put together brand-new research about one of the biggest foundational technology developments the world has ever seen. In fact, after months of research, I’m of the view this new “great platform” could very well deliver more economic prosperity than the internet.

That’s some claim, but when you hear what I’ve got to say, and then see it as I show you proof that it’s happening, I think you’ll start to understand. We might be facing a winter of crisis, but when you see with your own eyes what I’m talking about, I think you’ll fast forget about the doom and gloom, and see the new world (literally) with fresh eyes.