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  • The sound of silence
  • Free market or government?
  • 16 November 2021

Is Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) dead?

Speaking in the present and the future, it is all over for the social media giant? Actually we really should refer to Facebook as the advertising giant, with several social media platforms.

It’s a fair question in what’s been a tumultuous week for Facebook.

First, the company had a mass global outage. This riled everyone in the midst of uploading a snazzy dance routine to Instagram and also those providing clinical guesses as to scientific theories on Facebook.

It also meant a few hours of notification silence.

Hear that…?

That’s the sound of no WhatsApp notifications…

The question is what role a company like Facebook has in our world moving forward. Is it too powerful, too pervasive, too influential? Should the government step in, split it up, control what it can or can’t do?

Or is that overreach from just another centralised authority wishing to impose control and influence over society?

Or does society figure it out for themselves? Let the free market decide with their wallets and “feet”… or in this case, avatars.

We’re sure there will be a divergence of opinion on this, so we’d love to hear from you on this topic. Just click on your answer to vote.

Sam Volkering
Exponential Investor

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