Podcast: property, round 2 – why it’s a bad investment

8 April, 2022

In today’s Exponential Investor

  • Two “experts” discuss the great divide
  • Up + up + up + up = breaking point
  • The dreaded “R” word

Something’s gotta give.

Property prices are up. The cost of living is up. Inflation is up. Rates are heading up. Wages… actually wages are not heading up in line with all this.

So, ask yourself what the logical outcome to all this is.

Sure, you’ve seen property prices rise, and rise and rise.

You’ve seen properties worth £200,000 a few decades ago now tip over £2 million. But in another 30-odd years’ time do you really believe those £2 million properties will be worth £20 million (or more)?


Think about it hard.

That is because what you’ve known for the last 30 years is, in our opinion, emphatically not what you could, should or will expect in the next 30.

We all know the past is not a true indicator for the future. We learn from the past. We take lessons from events and patterns that have passed by.

But, deep down, we all know that what we’ve seen particularly in the last few years is not what we can expect moving forward.

The game has changed. The world is a completely different investment beast. It requires a new approach to how you think about assets like property and how you plan for the future.

We’re not saying that having a property is a bad thing. A roof over your head and at least the perception of security is comforting to many.

But as an investment vehicle… again perhaps you might want to think again or look somewhere else.

In today’s podcast we explain that line of thinking, why it’s so relevant, how it plays into the cost of living and why we both believe that we’re heading towards… the word we dare not say…

… the “R” word!

That’s right, if keep heading down this pathway, and it looks like they will, then it’s fair to expect the country will head into… a recession.

If so, what steps should you take? How can you prepare for it? What should you do with your investments? What should you do about property? We look at these issues and pick apart some thoughts on it all in this week’s Exponential Investor podcast which you can access below.

Until next time…

Sam Volkering
Editor, Exponential Investor

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