Podcast: recessions, stagflation and cases of beer

15 April, 2022

In today’s Exponential Investor

  • Recession vs. Stagflation
  • Pockets of recession-friendly stocks
  • A sneak peek into something big!

What better way to figure out what’s going to hit the UK economy than to lay a wager on the line.

Of course, in any good bet the outcome must be one of two options.

In this case, one option is recession.

The other, stagflation.

Ideally, you don’t want either to be correct. But it seems inevitable that one of them will be. Or at least if they’re both wrong, we’ll figure out the bet winner by the “least wrong” outcome.

This is how your editors settle differing views at Exponential Investor. With a wager to be paid in the hardest currency on earth… cases of beer.

In today’s Exponential Investor podcast, we lay out the details of this wager and look at how it plays into balancing a portfolio to prepare for either outcome.

Also, we dive into the nuances of the pronunciation of the word “data” as well as unpicking which pockets of the market might be recessionary or stagflationary friendly.

It’s a fascinating look at what is perceived to be a bad outcome for an economy but which can be handled with the right mindset and portfolio approach.

We also take an early look at one of the biggest changes to money and wealth that we’ve seen in the modern era. With more coming on that in the next couple of weeks, we have a sneak peek at what’s right around the corner.

All that and more in today’s Exponential Investor Podcast with Sam Volkering and Shae Russell which you can access below.

Sam Volkering
Editor, Exponential Investor

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