Podcast: should you believe the billionaires?

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  • Why listen to the rich?
  • You know more than they do
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It’s one thing to be an expert on money and finance when you’re a billionaire.

When you’ve built your wealth on the back of the traditional financial system, it stands to reason you probably know a thing or two about complex financial products, investment… or you’re just the head of one of the world’s largest investment banks.

But being wealthy, a CEO of a major bank and old doesn’t make you an expert on everything.

In fact, commenting on something you clearly know little about can make you look… rather stupid.

But society places the extremely wealthy on a pedestal of expertise that means whatever they say is often taken as gospel.

It’s a weird social construct that money gives you credibility.

As an investor you always need to ask yourself, how much impetus do you place in the thoughts and words of someone who’s best claim to fame is being rich?

If you’re looking at green energy, should you place the views of a board member of a large oil and gas company above a climate scientist?

If you’re looking at cryptocurrency, should you place the views of a billionaire banker above those of someone who’s been in the market for over a decade and seen it all?

Question everything. Question everyone. Don’t think that because you’re not a billionaire, you don’t know more than someone who is.

In fact, I’d say that you’ve got more knowledge and insight about one of the most important events in financial history than the CEO of one of the world’s largest investment banks.

With the knowledge you have, you are at the front of the proverbial queue when it comes to an upgrade to bitcoin that could set the market alight again.

All this and more in will feature in today’s Exponential Investor Podcast which you can access below.

Sam Volkering and Kit Winder
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