Podcast: What commodities should you avoid?

22 July, 2022

In today’s Exponential Investor

  • The thing that never stops
  • Two commodities to avoid
  • A surprising answer

There’s one thing that never stops in our world. One activity that has been continuously underway since humankind stopped dragging its knuckles along the ground has been…

… building stuff.

That’s right: it’s not just death and taxes that are constants in life. Building stuff is also going on everywhere, all the time.

It might be building a building. It might be building new “green” technologies. It might even be building an economy, torn to shreds from irresponsible fiscal and monetary policy over two decades.

Either way, we are always building stuff.

That “stuff” requires a lot of inputs. It requires human input (labour). It requires capital inputs (money). It requires materials inputs (commodities).

It’s the insatiable and never-ending thirst for commodities that drives our world forward. In some cases quite literally.

The cars we drive, require a variety of commodities to even exist. And as they get higher tech, they require things like batteries, semiconductors, and lightweight chassis materials to be “of the time”.

All of these things drive demand for commodities.

Therefore, it’s easy for the market to fall in love with a great commodity story. In this context, a great commodity story has a beautiful narrative about the unavoidable rise in demand and constraints of supply that send prices higher and make investors filthy rich.

However, it’s not always the case in reality.

Sometimes a commodity love story can turn into a horror show if you’re looking at the wrong thing at the wrong time. If you don’t know the commodities markets well, you can easily fall into this trap.

That’s why, in today’s Exponential Investor podcast I ask our commodities expert, Shae Russell, the hard question… what commodities should investors avoid?

Her answer will definitely surprise you.

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Oh, and one final thing, as we mention in the video, Shae’s about to release her debut commodities briefing for us at Southbank Investment Research. It’s going live this Tuesday 26 July at 2pm.

In it she’s going to tell you and show you step by step why the world is on the cusp of a commodities supercycle that could see prices “superspike”.

Remember, the world never stops building. And when the world needs to rebuild, there’s nothing more important than the commodities needed to make it happen. What Shae’s going to unlock for those who’ve registered for her briefing is going to change the course of your investment future.

Make sure to get your name down here to have full unrestricted access to Shae’s briefing on Tuesday.

Until then…

Sam Volkering
Editor, Exponential Investor