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  • Speaking of buying the dip
  • Wood or Burry? You decide
  • PayPal crypto in the UK

Buying the dip.

Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Or if you’re a billionaire, do you get so deep into a position all you can ever do is just buy your own dip?

Ego, hubris, an innate desperation to be proven right… these are the hallmarks of many of the world’s most reputable (and some of the most notorious) investors.

But ultimately there comes a time when they will be proven right or wrong.

A day of reckoning if you will.

This time around we’re looking at two heavy-weight giants of the investing world.

In one corner the esteemed bull-run magician, tech investing genius, Cathie Wood and her ARK Invest funds.

In the other corner stands Michael Burry, famous for betting and winning big during the 2008 market crisis. He called it early then and won.

But now he’s saying Wood’s funds are no good. He thinks that she’s going to be wrong.

Of course she disagrees and is adamant her thesis will be proven right.

So who wins? Whose side are you on? How does this impact your own investment strategy?

There is so much to think about and consider… which we do in today’s Exponential Investor podcast.

We also ask why is Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, a “giga-Chad” and just how big an impact is PayPal’s move into crypto in the UK?

For instance, is PayPal crypto in the UK a genuine threat to the domestic financial services industry?

We hope that you tune in and enjoy today’s Exponential Investor below.

Sam Volkering and Kit Winder
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