Podcast: yachts, taxes and bitcoin

21 January, 2022

In today’s Exponential Investor

  • What does financial repression look like?
  • Is there an easier way to move around the world?
  • Should we buy yachts and sail into the sunset?

Financial repression.

How do you fight it? How do you beat it? What can you do as an investor when the strong arm of the government wants to appropriate your life savings?

You could accept things just are as they are.

You could try and invest your way past excessive taxes and restrictions.

Or you could just buy a yacht, sail off into international waters and conduct business as you see fit.

Ok, maybe that’s excessive, but is changing domicile and tax residency if you’re in your retirement years such a bad idea?

After all, if you think the government is heavy handed now, imagine what could be around the corner if they get really desperate.

If you think things will stay the same as they are, you’ll be in for a rude awakening.

Having seen first-hand around the world how governments always tinker and change and try to squeeze investors and their retirement savings, we know that what’s happening and what’s coming is to be expected.

In today’s Exponential Investor podcast, we bring in special guest, Nikolai Hubble from Fortune & Freedom to talk to us about financial repression and how investors can think about ways to fight for their financial futures.

What investments should be considered? Are you thinking about how you hold your investments? Are you thinking about where you hold your investments?

Are you thinking about how you can escape that heavy hand of the government in your later years? If you answered “no” to any of those, then this is an episode of the Exponential Investor Podcast you absolutely don’t want to miss.

You can access the full episode here now.

Until next time…

Sam Volkering
Editor, Exponential Investor

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom