Probe with bayonets

29 October, 2021

In today’s Exponential Investor

  • Boaz Shoshan joins me this week
  • American antagonism towards China is on the agenda
  • Valuable insights on the great rivalry of our time

Sam couldn’t make it today, but luckily our good friend and colleague Boaz Shoshan stepped up to join me at short notice. True to Sam’s style, I gave him no warning and sprung a big question on Boaz.

I was curious to sound him out on the shifting winds on Western foreign policy towards China, which has grown more antagonistic in recent years. Boaz has always been an insightful thinker on this topic, and needed no preparation as he outlined why he felt the world was right to be taking a tougher stance, and offering some resistance to the growing menace of Chinese intentions.

Investors would be wise to heed Boaz’s warnings, as it paves the way for the great rivalry of the coming decades, and will surely shape the future trajectory of financial markets too.

We also cover the current problems in their property market, and wonder whether it’s as serious a problem as the US housing bubble was back in 2007…


Kit Winder
Exponential Investor

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