The future of mining is high tech

18 November, 2022

In today’s Exponential Investor:

  • The future for mining
  • How will we fund net zero 2050?
  • The general chatter at IMARC

Today is all about technology and the future of mining.

Two weeks ago, I attended IMARC, the largest mining conference in Australia.

This the one where you’ll find mining CEOs, government leaders and heads of banks rubbing shoulders and discussing what the industry needs moving forward.

In short, it needs a lot of money to reach net zero 2050 goals… but no one has said how we are going to get there.

In this week’s Exponential Investor podcast, I explain which critical minerals were talked about the most, the mining sector’s struggle to attract funding, and all the new technology that will be automating the mines of the future.

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Until next time,

Shae Russell
Co-editor, Exponential Investor