The three key events that will lead to stagflation

6 May, 2022

In today’s Exponential Investor

  • Join me and one of my all-time gurus
  • From the Ukraine invasion to interest rate hikes ­– could current events push gold higher?
  • The key events leading us to stagflation

Which three key events will lead to global stagflation? That’s what I ask a special guest in today’s episode.

Earlier in the week, I attended an Australian mining conference where I asked keynote speaker Nick Frappell, ABC Refinery’s Global Head of Institutional Markets, to share his speech with us.

Today, this is basically me introducing you to one of my all-time gurus.

You see, Nick has been on the institutional side of the precious-metals markets for the better part of 30 years. Or, as he puts it: “I’m two bear markets and one bull market old” – a reference to gold’s bull market from 2002 to 2012 once in Nick’s three decades of trading gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Nick doesn’t just understand what moves gold, he feels the flow of the metal.

Nick and I kick off our discussion with some technical analysis around crude prices, complete with some very bullish price targets. We also talk about how Russia’s prolonged invasion in Ukraine is putting extreme pressure on food prices, and about central banks increasing rates, and how this could push gold prices higher in the next 12 months.

Nick explains that all of these factors are leading to global stagflation.

Hear the latest Exponential Investor podcast below.

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Until next time,

Shae Russell
Co-editor, Exponential Investor

PS – Click here to see Nick’s original presentation and some more of the charts he used after listening to the podcast.