Congratulations, you’re about to discover three companies to watch that could be huge winners in the years ahead… regardless of which direction the market takes.

Dear Reader,

2020 was a wild year for the markets.

The longest – and most lucrative – bull market in history hit new all-time highs early in the year. Then it crashed to lows not seen for near on a decade. Ten years of market gains wiped out in a matter of weeks.

Then a massive bounce. Volatility is now wilder and more terrifying than the markets have ever seen. No one knows exactly where they’re heading next. Do they press on to new higher highs in 2021? Or are we in store for another market rout?

You know what, it doesn’t matter.

Let me be clear: the purpose of this report is not to predict where the wider market is heading.

That’s why this report aims to identify three overlooked stocks, which have the potential to be winners in the long term, regardless of whether the market shoots up, down or sideways in the short term.

To do that with any degree of accuracy, I believe there’s only one option.

Find a huge industry undergoing a fundamental step-change.

Then tap into those who are shaking up the story. The kinds of companies that are breaking through to capture market share, rip profits away from the incumbents – the companies that will be the giants of industry tomorrow, but investing in them today as relative unknowns.

To do this means to identify and tap into the industry undergoing rapid change.

The good news for you is that we live in a time when change is one of the few constants in the world. And it means there are multiple industries going through radical change. Which also means radical opportunity for the small-cap investor.

You see you don’t have to invest in the “blue-chip” giants of industry when it comes to potential-packed stocks. There are hundreds, thousands of stocks to choose from on the UK markets and many of them exist on the AIM submarket.

AIM is the London Stock Exchange’s market for small and medium size growth companies. More importantly it is the world’s most successful growth market – making it the perfect hunting ground for UK investors.

And after extensive research and analysis of what’s been going on not just over this year, but for several years now, I’ve identified three huge industry opportunities and three stocks that are all AIM stocks, I think investors should be looking at when it comes to stocks to consider adding to a portfolio.

Just to be clear: I’m not laying out these three stocks as recommendations.

This is analysis I’ve put together over time – which any investor should find useful.

But with all investments, I recommend you do some follow-up research into these companies before making any decisions on investing – make sure you’re comfortable with the risks involved and draw your own conclusions before taking action.

For example, these are new companies in a young, emerging industry, and don’t have the same long track record as many bigger and better-established companies. That makes them inherently riskier. If you’re unsure, you should seek further advice.

However, as a starting point here are three industries and companies who I believe you need to keep your eye on for 2021…