When it comes to buying stocks, the hardest thing for any investor is knowing where to start. There are 1,120 stocks listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange plus another 825 on the AIM Primary Market. That’s 1,945 companies to try and figure out to add to your investment portfolio.

On any given day, a bunch of those stocks will rise, and a bunch will fall. Obviously, you want to invest in the stocks that will rise. In this special report, I’ll highlight the three AIM-listed stocks that trade for just pennies and according to my analysis — you should have on your watch-list.

Whether you’re a novice investor ready to take your first steps into the stockmarket, or a seasoned veteran, this report could help put some interesting stocks on your radar.

In a moment, I’ll reveal which three stocks you should be keeping an eye on right now. But first, let me introduce myself…