On Earth Day 2016, the US secretary of state signed the Paris Agreement on climate change. It’s potentially one of the world’s most important political treaties. During the signing, John Kerry was symbolically accompanied by his granddaughter; to emphasise that the benefits of the changes he was committing to weren’t intended to accrue to his own generation – but to subsequent ones. The vast majority of the world’s countries have now ratified this treaty. As someone who has published a number of academic papers in the field of climate change, you’d naturally expect me to be delighted about the Paris Agreement. Surely, I’d have followed all the twists and turns of the negotiations? Certainly, I’d be cock-a-hoop at the groundbreaking commitment made? And of course, I’d be gleefully anticipating the new investment opportunities that the agreement has opened up?

Well you’d be wrong. If I’m honest, I hardly care. It won’t make a blind bit of difference to my investments.

That’s for a very good reason. I believe we’re on the cusp of an energy revolution that will throw up huge opportunities for investors regardless of what our political leaders do or say. In this report, I’m going to introduce you to the UK small cap companies you need to watch like a hawk if you want to take advantage.