My name is Nick O’Connor. I’m the publisher of Exponential Investor.

Our view here is simple. We believe you’re living through the most important, exciting and incredible time in human history. A time when we’ll develop new, clean, almost limitless sources of energy. When we eradicate killer diseases, adding decades to the average human lifespan. And when we master the art of creating superintelligent machines.

The companies involved at the cutting edge could make a fortune. Many technologies are highly disruptive, as the many industries already being turned upside down by it attest to. And for humanity as a whole, its implications are nothing short of world changing.

Which is why I want to share some of what I consider our most important research with you.

It concerns three tech trends – and three particular companies – that we believe you have to watch this year.

In the course of the report, you’ll hear from three people. First off, our Investment Director Eoin Treacy. Eoin is an expert in turning tech developments into high potential financial opportunities. You’ll meet him in a second.

You’ll also hear from Andrew Lockley – one of our key contributors and a man with an enviable set of skills – he’s an engineer and tech enthusiast who also happens to be an expert in working with tech startups here in Britain.

And you’ll hear a little from me as publisher. If you have any questions or comments about what you’ve read, I’d love to hear them. We’ll write to you every day in Exponential Investor – and I hope you’ll write back when you can. My email address is

That’s the pleasantries out of the way. Let’s crack straight on…