LEAKED: Apple’s next flagship product (RIP smartphone)

It seems yesterday’s piece was perfect timing.

In case you missed it, yesterday we took a look at virtual reality (VR). And how 5G is the final piece of the puzzle unleashing its full potential.

Shortly after, news leaked from a private meeting at Apple headquarters in Cupertino revealing plans to replace the iPhone with a range of smart glasses.

If there’s a greater precursor of VR’s potential, I don’t know what it is.

But what many aren’t aware of is that Apple has been working on virtual and augmented reality devices since 2015.

Why has it been holding back?

It is my suspicion that it has been waiting for one thing: a mobile internet platform fast enough to process the data VR will require.

Well, by 2022, that platform will be here. It is called 5G.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m incredibly bullish about 5G. Both in its potential to enable a plethora of world-changing technologies. And its potential to make investors rich.

Big, life-changing, bull markets thrive on three primary technologies all delivering step changes in growth at the same time. These are the energy/transportation, communication and finance sectors.

For energy/transportation, it is driverless cars and clean energy.

For finance, it is blockchain technology.

And for communication, it is 5G.

And you don’t even need buy into the “bigger picture” argument for 5G to see its wealth-building potential. You just need to look at what happened at each of the previous “forward leaps” for mobile internet speeds.

“Greed is good”

Ever seen the 1987 film Wall Street?

This is Michael Douglas playing Gordon Gekko.

In it, investment banker Gekko uses one of the very first “mobile” phones.

And just a few years earlier, telecoms companies rolled out the very first “1G” mobile network.

Times were simpler back then. No texting. No camera. All you could do was call each other. And the maximum speed was just 2.4kbps.

To put that in context, it would have taken you 33 days to download an HD movie.

Still, it created an explosion of wealth.

Motorola was the first company to release a mobile phone to consumers.

And had you bought its stock before the 1G boom…

You’d have made a 2,306% gain in the 15 years that followed.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
(Five-year performance – 2015: +4.17%, 2016: +23.58%, 2017: +11.32%, 2018: +29.70%, 2019 (YTD): +46.06%)

That’s enough to turn £1,500 into £34,590 (before costs or tax).

And remember this?

This is the Nokia 3210. In the late 1990s everyone and their dog had one. And businessmen playing Snake lined train stations after 5pm. Maybe you’ve had a game or two in your time.

It was the 3210 that characterised the 2G revolution.

This was the moment mobile phones became truly portable. And it caused the number of people using them to skyrocket from 1 in every 10,000 people…

… to 16 in every 100 people – globally.

No one was even thinking about downloading HD movies back then. But if you had, it would have taken you a day and a half.

And Nokia’s share price shot up to $56.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
(Five-year performance – 2015: +2.67%, 2016: -26.49%, 2017: -14.75%, 2018: +34.05%, 2019 (YTD): -32.53%)

That’s a 3,636% gain.

Enough to turn £1,500 into £54,540 (before costs or tax).

Next up? 3G.

And with it came quicker download speeds, colour screens – and internet browsing.

It would have taken you just five hours to download that HD movie.

And the companies that made 3G possible went through the roof.

Had you invested in Crown Castle – the company whose cell towers essentially built the 3G platform – immediately before the 3G rollout…

… today, you’d be sitting on an 8,019% gain!

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.
(Five-year performance – 2015: +14.10%, 2016: +4.54%, 2017: +32.43%, 2018: +1.71%, 2019 (YTD): +30.87%)

That’s enough to turn £1,500 into £120,285 (before costs and taxes).

But then came 4G and everything changed.

15 minutes to download an HD video.

And the “App Economy” exploded! Almost overnight, billion-dollar apps like Uber, Deliveroo and Spotify burst on to the scene.

And of course the company that made it all possible – Apple – went through the roof.

Had you bought Apple stock just before it released the iPhone in 2007 and held on to present day…

You’d be sitting on a 1,363% gain.

(Five-year performance – 2015: -2.80%, 2016: +12.15%, 2017: +48.24%, 2018: -5.12%, 2019 (YTD): +59.14%)

Now, it goes without saying, not every investment made during these booms soared. I’ve picked some extraordinary winners here to demonstrate the gains on offer. The key is to be selective and to have someone who knows the market show you what to grab a stake in – and what to avoid.

Because now it’s 5G’s turn.

Under 5G, that HD movie will take all of 2.5 seconds!

That’s 100-times faster than 4G.

The trend is staring you in the face!

Join the dots… every time we get a major upgrade in download speeds, new fortunes are made.

And the 5G rollout is happening as we speak.

Here’s that forecast from research firm CCS Insight I showed you yesterday. It shows the expected number of 5G smartphone subscriptions over the next five years.

That’s a jump from 4 million subscription next year…

To 2.61 BILLION by 2025.

That’s 60,492% growth.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

5G will create its own select group of market winners.

I already know which firms I’m backing.

I’ve got three specific companies in my sights right now.

  • The first is the company behind a piece of technology that could end up inside 20 billion devices by the end of next year.
  • The second is a spin-off from some of the most high-profile telecoms executives in the world. They’ve set up a firm specifically to profit from the 5G build-out.
  • And the third produce a piece of software that every single 5G device on the planet will need.

You can learn about them in this special free 5G briefing I’ve prepared for you.

If you want to join in the extreme wealth-building potential that’s on offer here…

… I strongly suggest you read my special free briefing on three 5G companies that could soar.

Click here to read it.

All the best,

Eoin Treacy
Investment Director, Southbank Investment Research

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