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  • Why are you here?
  • What do you want?
  • What to do next?

We send out Exponential Investor every day to tens of thousands of British people. You are one of these people.

What we know is that some people, like you, read our work. We also know that sometimes you like what we write and sometimes you hate what we write.

We know that because sometimes you take the time to write in to tell us as much!

We love getting feedback from you, it helps us to understand whether we’re on the mark, off the mark or creating our own mark in some way.

We also know that we have a lot of people we send our work to that never even open it. It goes to their inbox and they never bother to open it.

That’s not good, but it is inevitable when you’re sending out tens of thousands of broadcasts each day. Also, there’s quite likely some people who open and then don’t bother reading at all.

That’s not much different to not bothering to open it at all.

In that case, I dearly hope that today’s Exponential Investor can provide some kind of filter so that anyone who can’t be bothered with our work can boot off.

What is contrarian?

Today I want to remind you of what we do here, why we do it and why we hope that you keep engaged with our work and importantly keep reading what we publish.

For anyone not really interested in it, not bothered by what we do, that doesn’t open, or opens and quite simply doesn’t read, you can boot off and go soak up the drivel the mainstream media fling at you.

Note: I’d planned to use a more abrupt word than “boot” but apparently it’s hard to get certain expletives through spam filters these days…

Nonetheless, we’re going to do a wipe of the number of people we send Exponential Investor to. I don’t want people on our subscriber list that never open our work. I also don’t want people here that don’t bother to read our work.

I only want people like you that actually care about what we write and use our work to help build a picture for your own financial strategy.

The good news is if you’re still reading by this point, then I know you’re with us and that you value our work and that means you’ll already be on our “loyal” subscriber list – so you’ll keep getting Exponential Investor sent out to you.

Thanks for that!

However, sometimes it’s good to remind you and ourselves, why are we all here, why do Kit and I write to you every day (and now deliver a podcast for you on Fridays)?

It’s simple – we’re here to deliver to you investment ideas that are a little outside the box, and a little different than you might find elsewhere.

We aren’t intentionally trying to be controversial just to be controversial, we just want to deliver ideas to you that break the mould.

By nature, some of these ideas come across as contrarian. Now, if you don’t know what I mean by that, contrarian means someone who rejects popular opinion particularly in investments.

We don’t always out-and-out reject popular opinion, but in my experience, the biggest and best opportunities are usually found in parts of the market where popular opinion isn’t looking.

Such as…

While the masses get all giddy over the likes of US Big Tech, we’re saying perhaps that segment of the market is overcooked and instead it’s UK small-cap stocks that really give you long-term wealth potential.

And those that decry the exit from the EU as the worst thing to ever happen to Britain. You know what, we don’t care what your view on “Brexit” is. What I believe it’s going to lead to is a renaissance in British industry and a desire for British goods and services globally.

While the traditionalists slay cryptocurrency as a fad, a fraud and tulip mania all over, we’re saying that it’s the creation of alternative networks and systems that our future world will be underpinned by.

When the anti-greenies bleat that global warming is fake and Greta is a demon, we say, who cares! What you can’t argue about is the fact the world is transitioning from energy of the past to energy of tomorrow. Ignore this at your own peril.

And while the “experts” eye off Google, IBM and Big Tech as the gatekeepers to a future of quantum computing, we say it’s the tiny, unknown breakthroughs in quantum science that will spin out tomorrow’s IBM that are the ones you should really be focusing on.

We’re here to open your eyes to a broader, bigger, more stunning picture. It’ll be thought provoking, challenging at times and as I say, every now and then you might find us outright bonkers.

But what we want is to enrich your decision making. When you come to hit that BUY button on your online broking account, we want you to have covered all bases. The greatest gift we can give you is the power to have conviction in your decisions when you come to make your investments.

That’s why we’re here. That’s what we aim to deliver. We thrive on independent thought and the opportunities it can present. That’s why we want you with us, and anyone else that can’t be bothered, never opens our work, can suffer at the hands of popular opinion and boot off!


Sam Volkering
Editor, Exponential Investor

Category: Technology

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