Why our business is flawed

Very soon a special announcement will be made.

You’ll get an email with a subject line something like this: “Claim your all-access pass, worth £500” or “I’ve credited you membership account with £500”.

A big fuss will be made.

And rightly so.

You stand to benefit in a big way (and at our expense) from what we have in store, no question.

Before I tell you exactly what we are doing (and how you can get a Southbank Investment Research credit note worth £500)…

I’d like to tell you why we are spending a lot of time and money on this new project.

Our business model doesn’t work

There is a frustration to the way we share our work here at Southbank Investment Research.

We feel it. And we know readers do to.

We work with some of the best investors and financial analysts in the world.

There advisory services are capable of making private investors like you a lot of money.

But most of our readers never get to see that work.

They never get to experience first-hand what it’s like to have an award-winning investor – like Tim Price or Eoin Treacy – show them which stock to buy, which to avoid, and when to sell.

There is a barrier.

And that barrier is price.

There’s no getting away from that.

It costs money to come and join us and get our best stock recommendations and effective strategies working for you.

Some of our advisories are cheap.

Some are expensive.

We price them, we believe, fairly… based on the level of dedication required to provide quality investment intelligence.

But, still – it stands in the way. It stops you getting the information and insight you need to make more out of your money.

Well, we’ve decided to step in and do something about that.

Tor a short time, we are scrapping our business model…

To give you an inside look at what we do, and what our work could do for you and your level of success as an investor.

Step behind our paywall

The only way you can truly see if our work here is valuable, is to actually get to try it, right?


We have created this unrestricted, all-access pass for anyone who wants to see all of our investment research.

It gives you seven days to access everything we publish, with all the privileges of a fully paid-up member.

During that time you can get all the details on:

  • More than 10 open stock recommendations
  • All of our trading strategies
  • All of our wealth protection services.

You will get to download our investing guides, e-books, research reports, videos, and special situation briefings.

And they will be yours to keep.

This is information and premium research that world normally cost thousands of pounds to access. Membership to just TWO of our most popular services – Reflex Trader and Trigger Point Trader – would normally cost you more than £3,000.

But using this special all-access pass, this will not be the case for you (if you are very quick).

And here is the best bit…

As part of this project, we will supply you with a £500 Southbank Investment Research membership credit note, for you to redeem against the premium investment advisory of your choice.

There’s no pressure to use the credit note. And all of the information, reports, recommendations and books are your to keep – whether you use the credit note or not.

We just want to make it clear we are doing what we can to bring down the barriers that stand in the way of you seeing our most valuable work.

Here’s how to claim access to all of our investing advisories for a whole week – and your £500 credit note.

If you are keen to push your investing knowledge and intelligence further… and give yourself the chance to make the most of your money… put us to the test. Claim your pass, see what our experts could do for you.

There will never be an easier or cheaper way to see our work.

So get your pass while you can.

Many thanks,

Harry Hamburg
Editor, Exponential Investor

PS Make no mistake… gaining unlimited access to award-winning investors, wealth managers in charge of hundreds of millions in capital, world-renowned financial analysts and thinkers gives you a significant advantage. Here’s what those already accessing this investment intelligence have to say:

“In my humble opinion Zero Hour Alert is the best, most interesting and informative source of information about happenings in Europe. Well done Nick. Keep on telling it like it is!”

“Charlie Morris has a lot of experience which shows. He also explains why he makes a selection so you can judge for yourself if it fits your own style. He rarely makes bad calls.”

“Incredibly good value access to the investment research and ideas of an outstanding, experienced and free-thinking portfolio manager.”

“The quality of investment analysis and portfolio recommendations is second to none and certainly better than many much more expensive advisor services. I have a high degree of confidence in Charlie’s wealth of knowledge, track record and market experience.”

“I can honestly say that my subscription to Southbank Research has been my best investment to date and it would not be an understatement to say that reading the various subscriptions available has changed my outlook on life and the world at large.”

“Southbank has assembled a wonderful team of experts whose work I find helps me greatly in growing my investments.”

“I have just finished listening to your thoughts for today on Trigger Point Trader and Exponential Investor Premium together with the October Report for Frontier Tech Investor. Your daily videos are also a must read part of my day and they provide a very useful corrective to the usual media reports.”

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