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Something a little different to end the week…

This week Southbank Investment Research HQ has been abuzz with a new project. It’s free. It’s called the Daily Blitz. And if you like Exponential Investor (or either of our other daily letters, Capital & Conflict and Southbank Investment Daily) then I think you’ll love it.

The premise is simple. The Daily Blitz is a short (2-5 minutes) free video containing what we consider to be the most important financial idea of the day. Our goal is to introduce you to a new idea or way of thinking, to challenge mainstream opinion or to share a potentially profitable market set-up with you.

It’s 100% video. And it’s hosted by Southbank Investment Research’s own Nickolai Hubble and Boaz Shoshan. I’ll be making the odd appearance, if I can find the time. And we’ll be getting plenty of guests in the studio as time goes on. I’m hoping to get Sam Volkering and Charlie Morris in there before too long.

To watch the latest video (and catch up on a whole week) just follow this link to YouTube. If you like what you see, I recommend subscribing to the YouTube feed.

A couple of favours to ask. If you have the time to send me a little feedback, I’m all ears. My email address is [email protected]. And if you love what we’re doing and know someone else you think would find it valuable, please share it.

One thing I hope Boaz and Nick cover at some point is the growth of facial recognition tech. My note on that earlier in the week brought some interesting responses on that front. Like this one:

Very real anxieties you express. I am trying to find the benefits that Mr Bezos says are out there. Then King George asked Lord Kelvin “what benefit can come from this ‘electricity?’” when he ennobled him for discovering it. The future is a hard place to see into.

In Bezos’ defence (and to play devil’s advocate) I can see a few benefits. For instance, connecting your face to your bank account. Your face then becomes your “pin”. A little strange, but perhaps more secure and quicker.

But that would imply you have a choice in the matter. If people want to voluntarily offer their face as a piece of data to be used commercially, so be it. It’s not something I would do. But if there’s a choice, I don’t mind.

The problem with facial recognition is it seems largely to be foisted on the population without choice. As with any economic idea, the issue can be boiled down to the tension between freedom and coercion. I’ll always come down on the side of personal freedom (and the responsibilities and consequences that comes with it). But it seems large businesses and particularly – and predictably – governments, come down on the side of coercion.

No surprises there.

One more interesting note before I let you enjoy your Daily Blitz binge…

Interesting article. I think the Chinese seemed quite bullish about how far their technology is coming along, and yet it is now being used against the people. Perhaps a new bogeyman will be invented so that our DNA data must’ve harvested. Feels like Gattaca (with the advent of designer babies) and Minority Report is nearly on the horizon. Where do these trends lead us? Down the rabbit hole? 

I don’t think we’re there. Not yet, anyway. That’s because it’s hard to harvest someone’s DNA without them consenting. Whereas harvesting facial data can be done passively, as they go about their business. That’s what makes it so dangerous…

Until next time,

Nick O’Connor
Publisher, Exponential Investor

Category: Technology

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