Zero Sum Money: why inflation “here” means destruction “there”…

Starting the week off on today’s market broadcast with macro strategist Nickolai Hubble and energy analyst KIt Winder…

  • Cold Turkey no more: why the UK broke its long “no coal” streak late last week, turning back to the dirty fuel after weeks of abstinence…
  • Is the “debt and demographic deflation dynamic” that has driven markets for decades about to end? With UK debt-to-GDP now greater than 100% and calls for government spending only increasing, crushing the value of currency to pay for the Treasury’s obligations becomes a more obvious option – and brings back painful memories of the 70s…
  • “When the president does it, it’s not illegal” – how avoiding the enforcement of the law is becoming necessary to keep the eurozone’s financial system functioning…
  • Why inflation in the real world means deflation for financial assets – and the exact inflation rate that signals the tide is changing and it’s time to act.

PLUS: how you may be able to sell free energy from the government, back to the government at a profit in the near future – provided you have the right car!

All this and more in our first market broadcast of the week, free as always. Click here to tune in.

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Boaz Shoshan
Editor, Southbank Investment Research

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