In today’s Exponential Investor:

  • One out, one in
  • What does Biden do to energy markets?
  • Why are lithium stocks booming again?

Lithium stocks went BOOM in the last week. Is it too late to get on the lithium wave? Or is the investment thesis still strong?

It’s a question that should be going around in circles in investors’ heads. When you look at the way in which the “green energy” market is moving, it’s a question you need to ask.

However, you’re also seeing the values of some of the stocks shoot higher at great speed. Daily rises in double-digit figures aren’t uncommon. In some cases, you’ll find stocks that have doubled (and then some) in a matter of days!

Is this due to the “Biden Effect”?

Does the change of authority in the US have that much power on global markets that simply the inauguration of the new US president can move markets so much?

Or is there a bigger picture that needs consideration if you’re eyeing off this part of the market?

Biden in, Trump out, it’s clearly global news. The mainstream seems to think the “the US is back!” as though it went somewhere for the last four years.

The media and the markets can be quick to forget, and sometimes too forward looking. There’s a balance in there, somewhere, that means there’s still rampant opportunity for investors.

It all just depends on knowing where to look and how to look at it all.

We discuss all these ideas and opportunities in today’s fascinating look at the market. In particular we ask (and attempt to answer) the question, what is going on with lithium stocks?