In today’s Exponential Investor:

  • Eternally optimistic
  • A personal battle
  • Nuances and indicators

Welcome back to our regular Friday Exponential Investor podcast.

It is our first podcast for the year, and… well… we’re not off to a great start. At least not socially.

We’re all in lockdown version 3. That means more people are going to be doing it tough for at least the next six to eight weeks – probably more.

It’s going to be hard mentally, physically and emotionally. But as Kit noted to me (Sam) off air, “the eternally optimistic Australian…”

I guess that’s true, because at least now I have no other option than to be optimistic. Everyone has their own things they will have to deal with during this lockdown and the ramifications off the back of all this.

For me, it’s a realisation there’s a very good chance I won’t get to see any of my family (which is all my family) back in Australia for maybe another year, maybe more. That means two years between seeing my Dad, brother or any other family in person – or even through a window.

Nonetheless, many others are doing it harder than we are, so always keep perspective. When it comes to perspective, you also need to keep it when you‘re looking at the markets.

You’ve got to realise there are parts of the market that are good indicators, parts of it that might suggest one thing, but reality delivers another. Also that when you’re investing, trying to figure out what to do and where to invest, that you really need to take a varied, flexible and nuanced approach to it all.

We explore some of these nuances and areas where we think 2021 may just deliver big opportunity as the big money realises where they’ve already missed the mark.